Poland is one of the countries with the most citizens living abroad. And Spain has a role in this abroad population. Polish people are choosing Spain to live in and buy property. In 2022, property sales to Poles in Spain were at a record rate.

A Record for Spanish Property Sales to Polish Buyers

family holding eachother front of a houseIn 2022, the growth rate of Poland was the highest among all European countries. With the wealth increase, Polish people started to invest in other countries more. One of the most popular countries among Poles is Spain.

The joy of living in Spain as a foreigner bring vibrant demand from Polish investors to Spain last year. Polish buyers purchased 2.300 properties in Spain in 2022. This purchase count is more than double from 2021.

Polish buyers now have 3.2% of the foreign property buyer share of Spain. It was only 1.9% in 2021. Polish buyers surpassed the Americans (1.6%) and Russians (2%).

Approximately, there are more than 80.000 thousand Poles living in Spain. This number is expected to be higher in the future, as the demand from Polish buyers increases.

Why are Poles Choosing Spain for Real Estate Investment?

woman in red dress taking photo from balconyThe main reason behind it is the high growth rate of Poland. People are getting more opportunities to purchase real estate abroad. And absolutely, one of the most popular places in the world is Spain.

Sand, sun, and entertainment are all available in Spain. In addition to the natural beauty, Spain is offering one of the lowest costs of living in all European countries. In addition, they are getting tips for living in Spain more easily by welcoming locals.

Also, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is another reason. The Polish buyers looking for safer areas to move their wealth. As a stable, secure, and beautiful country, they are choosing Spain. In addition, the easy process of buying property in Spain is making them have a smooth experience.

Where are the Polish Buyers Choosing in Spain for Real Estate?

aerial view of costa blancaMostly, Polish buyers choose Costa Blanca to purchase a property in Spain. Despite this depends mainly on personal desires and needs, Costa Blanca is popular among Poles.

The most popular destinations for Polish buyers are Torrevieja and the surrounding areas. The province of Alicante is being home to thousands of Polish property buyers.

Polish buyers are choosing places that are close to the sea. They look for apartments, more than other property types.

For Polish in Spain, especially for detached property lovers, the most popular areas are Marbella, Malaga, and Calpe. Also, these areas offer more luxury properties.

Poles find Spain entertaining and easy to adapt to. With the new Polish schools in Spain, families with kids are started to choose Spain as their next home. In all Spain regions, you may find people originating from Poland.

Nearly all parts and cities are the best places to stay in Spain. The cultural and daily life richness of these cities make the country ideal. Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, and more. Everybody easily finds an answer after asking why Spain for buying property and living next.

Is it Hard to Buy a Property in Spain as an Expat?

No, it is not. As it is also an answer to why are there so many Polish in Spain, it is easy to buy property. Spain is a welcoming country for foreigners. It is also the same in formal processes, such as property purchases.

All the best places in Spain offer advantageous real estate opportunities. They offer both investment chances and amazing lifestyles together. The smoothness of buying property in Spain process drawing the attention of investors from all over the world.

Don’t let these amazing cities stay as best places to visit in Spain, make them home for yourself. You may check out our blog to learn more about how to buy property in Spain as a non-resident, or as an expat. You may also contact our professional team anytime to easily and fastly own a property in the beautiful regions of Spain.