Spain attracts more and more expats each year. As a result, it had a big population increase in 2023. Estepona, Marbella, and Banelmádena stand out among its top 5 rising stars. These towns had a 3.8% - 4.6% population gain in the last year.

They share plenty of advantages, one is that they all are in Málaga. In the Expat City Ranking 2023, Málaga was the favorite among expats. Also, it was the second most loved in 2021, and first in 2023. So, expats love Málaga.

But why do these three towns in Málaga attract so much of newcomers? Let’s uncover their secret!

Estepona: Spain’s Snow-White Heaven

In 2023, Estepona increased its population by 4.6%, reaching 777.068 residents. This makes it the quickest town to grow in Spain in 2023.

EsteponaEsteona is a former fishing village in Costa del Sol. It has a characteristic outlook with white-washed homes, palm trees, and smiley faces. It will bring out the holiday lover in you.

This town is subject to a big population growth, and its amazing atmosphere isn’t its only secret. Let’s dive deeper in!

Living in Estepona as an Expat

Estepona is an amazing destination to live as an expat. It’s one of the best towns for families in Spain as well. There are international schools, sports facilities, and health services; and the crime rates are low.

The town is very peaceful, but you can always find things to do in Estepona. It has 300 days of sunshine and sandy beaches. This allows you to enjoy outdoor activities and water sports.

You are on the right track if you plan to buy a holiday home in a peaceful town. Buying a villa in Estepona will help you treat yourself to a seafront stay.

Business Sectors in Estepona

Just like you may expect from such a coastal town, the main industry in Estepona is tourism. So, there are hotels, hostels, travel agencies, and luxury services here.

Real estate investment is an important source of income. The market featured a 9.53% value gain in the last year. This gives investors and expats a great chance to buy a property in Estepona.

Marbella: Living Among the Charm of a Port City

MarbellaMarbella is another heaven-like spot to invest in Costa del Sol. It charms sun-seekers from all over the world. But it's more than a holiday destination, and so says the ex-pats:

In 2023, Marbella experienced a 3.9% population growth, going up to 156,153. This increase owes its debt to Mediterranean views, ideal climate, and vibrant atmosphere.

The best places to live in Marbella for families are Puerto Banús Marbella, Golden Mile, and Nueva Andalucia.

Marbella has everything an expat would wish for. These include a peaceful setting, fun activities, working opportunities, beaches, and more. Let’s discover the town further!

Living in Marbella as an Expat

Marbella is one of the most family-friendly towns in Spain. It has international schools, a safe environment, and friendly faces. It has housing options, health centers, and all your daily needs.

Here you can spend your leisure time with sports activities, golfing, and discovering the town. Plaza de los Naranjos and Puerto Banus are some must-see spots in Marbella.

Marbella offers plenty of housing options. It has high-end apartments, sea-front villas, semi-detached villas, and many more. Expats like being close to Marbella’s golf courses. So, some of the properties for sale in Marbella are in golfside complexes that offer rich amenities.

Lucrative Business Destination

Marbella is more than fun & sun, it has wide income sources for business minds. The main sectors here are tourism, real estate investment, transport, industry, and agriculture.

Its four ports and proximity to big cities give the town a big chance for international trade. Even more, the town has co-working spaces for digital nomads in Spain. The government supports business owners and self-starters as well.

Benalmádena: Vibrant Coastal Living

The town is in the top 5 to increase its population. In the last year, it featured a 3.8% rise and now is home to 76.318 residents.

This town has the vibrant and serene living you are looking for. It offers sunny days, amazing beaches, and delicious cuisine. Benalmádena offers the dreamy sea-sun-sand, but there's more here.

Explore Benalmádena as an Expat

BenalmádenaThe town is another gift from Costa del Sol. It's home to interesting places like a Buddhist Stupa. There are fun activities to do as well. For example, you must try out water sports and outdoor activities like trekking.

The population growth makes real estate investment in Benalmádena a smart move. In the last year, properties for sale in Benalmádena gained 7.77% in value. This amazing number is convincing enough.

It’s one of the most popular destinations to retire in Spain too. The town smartly mixes vibrancy with tranquility. So there are a lot of things to do in Benalmádena for retirees.

Working Opportunities

The town has plenty of tourist attractions. As a result, its most important industry is tourism. The attractions include Benalmádena Pueblo, the Marina, Golf Torrequebrada, and Playa Arroyo de la Miel.

Choosing Your Ultimate Spanish Heaven

We revealed the secrets behind Estepona, Marbella, and Benalmádena. Each has something wonderful to offer. But you need to choose a town at some point.

When deciding on a place, think of your needs and dreams. Do you want a seafront villa or a high-end apartment? What type of neighborhood suits you best? Consider these, and you will find your answer.

Profit margin is important too, so let the data shed light:

  • In 2023, real estate in Estepona gained a 9.53% value. The current annual yield is 6.50%, and the amortization is 15 years.
  • Marbella is an alluring destination for investing in Costa del Sol real estate. Its market gained an 8.19% value. The amortization is 14 years and the annual yield is 7.08%.
  • As for, the Benalmádena real estate market, it gained a 7.77% value in the last year. The amortization is 16 years. Annual yield is 6.31%.

What’s Next? | Future of These Cities

Spain is perfect for expats, investors, and holidaymakers. A reason for this is the implementation of the Digital Nomad Visa, Golden Visa, special tax rates, and more. The other reason is the natural wonders and local friendliness.

None of these seems to end soon. So it’s safe to say that Estepona, Marbella, and Benalmádena will offer more profits in the future.

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