Spain has tripled its presence in the top 5 destinations to live as an expat in 2023.

According to the recent InterNations survey, Málaga yet again has been declared among the best cities in the world for expat living, now in first place. The city offers a healthy joyous and comfortable environment for foreigners to live and work in, as reported by Forbes magazine.

The survey by InterNations included the opinions of over 12,000 foreigners from 177 nationalities across 181 countries. The research ranks 49 cities based on criteria such as quality of life, ease of settling in, cost of living, and opportunities.

While Málaga sits on the throne, Alicante closely follows it as the second best place, and Valencia at third. Three major Spanish coastal cities have left major European destinations behind by far, such as Athens, Milan or Rome. With this remarkable listing, Spain has emerged as a favored destination among the foreign community with 5 cities in the top 20.

Málaga: Attractive Center of Social Living for Expats

Attractive Center of Social Living for ExpatsAs the gem of the Costa del Sol, Málaga not only claimed the top spot but also stood out in categories like friendliness, climate, and work-life balance. 88% of foreigners are happy to live in Málaga Spain.

Living in Málaga seems like a good idea depending on the results of this survey. It is among the most expat-friendly cities in general conditions. For example, Málaga stands out as a safe place with lower crime rates. Low public transport costs and rich transportation facilities allow foreigners to access anywhere they want easily. Plus, the vibrant social scene and the endless things to see in Málaga city make living in Málaga an amazing experience.

With a rate of 79% happiness on the cost of living in Málaga Spain, the city promises a good life under healthy conditions without losing an arm and a leg. While the local job market received criticism, resulting in a 41st-place ranking; Málaga has been ranked 13th place in the Working Abroad index. The city mostly benefits digital nomads, since Spain launched a Digital Nomad Visa program that allows foreigners to bring their remote work to Málaga.

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Alicante: Second Best City to Live as an Expat

We’re heading off to number 2, Alicante city on the stunning shores of Costa Blanca in Spain. The statistics show that 92% of the foreigners living in Alicante are living their best lives abroad. The city is also ranked 3rd best place in terms of the Personal Finance Index with a 78% happiness rate on cost of living. Alicante emerges as the ultimate destination for an active and high-class lifestyle without shaking up the budget.

Alicante: Second Best City to Live as an ExpatThe survey also subjects affordable living, in which Alicante gets the first-place crown among the top 3. There are limitless housing options foreigners can find on a budget, and this diversity allows them to find the most suitable one to their preferences without emptying the bank.

Plus, the city also ranks among the top 5 when it comes to quality of life, or ease of access and affordability of healthcare services, which is an essential factor for expat living.

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Valencia on 3rd: 91% of expats happily living in Valencia

Here’s our well-being queen, Valencia as the 3rd best place to live abroad as a foreigner. Valencia leaves all destinations behind when it comes to healthcare accessibility, affordability, and quality. Not only that, living in Valencia is also quite affordable overall. 86% of the foreigners are happy with the living expenses in Valencia.

Plus, this metropolitan city center also stands out as one of the best places to embrace a quality, and active lifestyle with its leisure options. Its endless selection of active living options promotes Valencia’s ranking. The city is the best place for opportunities for recreational sports with 1st place ranking, resulting in 91% of expats happily living in Valencia, Spain.

Spain is the Second Best Destination in 2023 for Expat Living

The Expat Insider Survey declares Spain as the second best place for expat living in the global ranking. The statistics show that Spain is an outstanding destination for both holiday enthusiasts and foreigners looking for attractive opportunities to live abroad.

Spain is the Second Best Destination in 2023 for Expat LivingIn the Expat Insider survey, Spain gets the crown on quality of life, compared to other listed countries. The impact of easily accessible public services, climate, opportunities, and purchasing power on quality of life is quite much, and Spain has it all.

Plus, more than two in three expats are happy with the general cost of living with a 69% rate of happiness on living expenses. It is listed among the top destinations to live as a foreigner without budget overruns.

An astounding 88% of expats express their delight in the vibrant culture and nightlife in Spain. The country is a cultural haven with its deep-rooted historical background, carefully preserved to this day. Luckily, Spain’s climate and weather make it easier to get out and enjoy these activities. With 300 sunny days a year, and an average annual temperature between 2.5°C - 18°C, Spain sits on the 3rd place for climatic conditions.

Overall, 87% of expats are happy with their life in Spain, compared to 72% globally.

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A lovely holiday destination on the Iberian Peninsula is also a brand new home abroad for countless foreign residents. Spain has a lot to offer for everyone of every age. If you are looking for more to explore how life goes in Spain, check out our blog page. You can read more articles on expat living in Spain’s most exceptional destinations.