What is the Base Price and How Does it Work?The base price of a property is the original price and currency that the seller has agreed upon with our portfolio team. The base price of property almost always remains the same until the agreement with the seller changes. You can see the base prices (generally in Euro) of our portfolios in the property detail pages.

The base price section won’t appear if you select the same currency to be highlighted. Our highlighted prices are the converted prices of this base price to the currencies of your choice. You can change the presented currencies at any time from the menu in the header. Currency exchange rates on our website are updated twice a day.

Spain Homes ® lists all types of real estate in Spain to meet the investors’ needs and demands. Listed properties are delicately selected and uploaded by our expert portfolio team. Portfolios listed on our user-friendly website are published in 9 languages and 12 currencies so that our customers can have a better experience.

You can find the best properties suitable to your preferences and purchase them in currencies shown above in the menu in the header. While the base prices of our listed properties mostly remain the same, the prices shown in our listings are updated twice a day according to the currency exchange rates.

You can buy property in Spain in Euro or other currencies easily and safely by Spain Homes ®. You can find the most charming properties for sale in Spain on our daily-updated website. If you want to learn more about how to buy a house in Spain, contact our expert team now.

If you want to make a profitable investment by buying apartments for sale in Spain, you can find hundreds of properties on our real estate for sale page. Explore our attractive properties in the most significant and central cities of Spain with our user-friendly search filters in 9 languages.