Commercial Property for Sale in Benalmádena, Málaga

Commercial Property Stocks: Business Centers and Hotels in Benalmadena

Málaga is a city on the coast of Spain, endowed with beautiful beaches and mountains in its northern boundary. Malaga is simply a tourist’s paradise. Founded in the 770 BC, Malaga has deep heritage and history with castles to help tell the story of its glorious past. Still today, Málaga is one of the 3 top cities in Spain attracting millions of tourists each year.

The weather in Malaga is definitely a pulling factor, with the city being generally warm through out the year. Most tourists from Britain are fond of Málaga and its beautiful villages. This has aided property developers and investors to grow their portfolios and enjoy a thriving commercial property market. In Málaga lies a very prominent town name Benalmádena. This town covers almost 30 km in area and is one of the most popular areas on the Costa del Sol. Foreign and local investors are looking for business centers for sale in Benalmadena, because of the influx of tourism.

Benalmádena is one of the most important tourist cities on the western Costa del Sol. Benalmadena is approximately 15 km southwest of Málaga and the confluence with Torremolinos is just northeast of the coast. The city is situated on a hill with serene views of the surroundings. In the distance are the buildings of Arroyo de la Miel, where most of the population lives, and also Benalmádena-Costa, where you find the most hotels and golf courses, a casino and a marina. This is a commercial property haven, as there are existing complementing amenities. Hotels for sale in Benalmádena, Málaga get attention because of their high potential income earnings.

Benalmádena actually consists of three parts; Benalmádena Pueblo, Arroyo de la Miel and Benalmádena Costa. Benalmádena Costa is located in the southernmost part of the city and is known for its long amazing beaches, buzzing nightlife and excellent local and international cuisine. Many houses and resorts are lined with palm trees and the landscaped gardens so well manicured. Land in Benalmadena offers great value and affordable prices when compared to surrounding coastal towns.

Puerto Marina is worth mentioning and consists of three parts: an open-air shopping center, a marina and a condominium complex on the water. During the day it is fairly quiet, but in the evening the crowds appear. In addition to the shopping area that surrounds the harbor, there is a complex with nightclubs from Benalmádena. Houses in Benalmadena offer comfort and access to a great social life. There are also many excellent restaurants on the quay for extensive dining.

Why Should You Invest in Commercial Property in Benalmadena?

Located close to Málaga city, Benalmádena is one of Costa de Sol’s most popular seaside resorts. It hosts diverse restaurants, extensive beaches and a perfect climate to enjoy it all. The summer population grows by 80% making it a great location to invest incommercial property in Benalmadena.

Whether you are looking to rent out apartments in Benalmadena, buying a store location or developing hotels; Benalmádena will not let you down when it comes to return on investment. With commercial property, the area has to be well supported with good transport infrastructure and Benalmadena has it. There are underground train networks and well maintaned roads. To insure that your commercial property is in full use throughout the year, thanks to Málaga International Airport with direct flights from Europe and America. Benalmadena offers you a lucrative mid term to long-term property investment opportunity. You may search Spain Homes to find a hotel for sale in Benalmadena. Now is the ideal time to search for a commercial property for sale in Benalmadena.

Getting Around in Benalmadena

The most common and easiest way to get around is through the bus system. The bus system links Benalmádena and three main districts under it. Benalmadena is about 20 km away from Malaga city center. This location is convenient to invest in commercial properties in Benalmadena. The coastal town is just 13 km to Málaga International Airport.

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