Land for Sale in Benalmádena, Málaga

Finding the Best Lands on the Sunny Benalmadena Coast!

Looking to move into Spain, starting your business, or simply buying a holiday house on the sunny coast to spend your vacation in, then Benalmadena is the most suitable town for you.

This Andalusian white-washed houses town acts as a resort around a year. It has a lot to offer its visitors, and residents alike. It is a great mixture of ancient times, and modern urbanization.

Benalmádena is divided into 3 regions in which each of them has its own unique identity;

1. Benalmádena Costa is the part of the town that it located on the coast and it hosts amazing beaches, hotels, bars, the marina, and many other attractions.

2. Arroyo de la Miel, which means “Stream of Honey”. It is the residential part of the town, that is full of modern apartments for sale, few restaurants, shops, and commercial properties for sale in Benalmadena, along with its most important attraction the theme park Tivoli World.

3. Benalmádena Pueblo is the original village that was founded by Arabs. In this part of Benalmadena history comes alive, as by wandering on its narrow streets, exploring the Andalusian style buildings, overlooking the spacious greenish undeveloped lands for sale in Benalmadena takes you back in time to most flourishing era in Benalmádena and the longest regime the town witnessed. The moors arrived on the 8th century till they were defeated by the Spanish king in the 15th century. It is the first Andalusian town to be founded by the Moors, and the last one to be defeated.

The Moors civilization has a great affect on the town that can be clearly noticed on each inch of its buildings. It is believed that the name of the town, Benalmádena, was given during this period, and it is of an Arabic origin that means Sons of mines. The reason for such a name is that Benalmadena is rich of many mines such as iron.

However, the history of Benalmádena does not start by the arrival of Moors, and the Arab caliphate, it goes way back to the Patheolithic Era. This was proved by the archeological discoveries and remains like utensils and cave-paintings which were found in the caves of the Toro, de Los Botijos, and de la Zorrera. By the 7th & 8th Centuries B.C the Phoenicians arrived to Benalmadena, Málaga. With their arrival the intercultural exchange that was focused on agricultural, commercial, and cattle farming matters occurred.

The Romans lived there as well, and their monuments and ruins can still be seen, such as the ancient salting factory at Benal Roma, and the remains of other Benalmadena villas and fishing installations in the area.

What Makes Buying a Land in Benalmádena a Good Option?

Benalmadena attracts people to live in and start a new life in this wonderful town due to many factors.

Being rich in history, art and its diversity in culture play a crucial rule in attracting people. Many foreigners choose to look for land for sale in Benalmádena, Málaga to build on a small holiday cottage that hugs the mixture of civilizations this small town witnessed. Others prefer to buy a land in Benalmadena that is close to the beach and overlooks the blue shores of the Mediterranean Sea to start their own business, such as hotels, or cafes and restaurants. This will be of a great option, as the town is one of the top tourist destinations in Costa Del Sol.

Being once, a village depending on agriculture, may make people consider looking for farms for sale in Benalmadena only. However, Benalmádena offers varieties of undeveloped lands for sale in different sizes, location, and prices. Also, it is worth mentioning here that rural lands for sale in Benalmadena are available in reasonable prices compared to other cities in Europe.

The weather is one of the most important factors that make foreigners looking to buy a land in Benalmadena, Málaga. Many of the citizens of northern European countries escape the cold freezing winter, and cool summer at their end, to settle down in the southern Spain where sunny days characterizes the region.

The friendly welcoming nature of Benalmádena citizens also makes the town suitable for foreigners to consider buying properties in Benalmadena Málaga and adapting easily to their new town as their own home.

The fact that it is close to the international airport of Malaga makes reaching the town very easy from within Spain or outside it. Therefore, the idea of looking for a plot for sale in Benalmadena whether to build your own house, or to start your own business, makes more realistic, achievable, and efficiently with the fact that you can easily visit your property at any time, from any place.

Further Information

We understands that looking for apartments in Benalmadena, or any other types of properties is not an easy process for a foreigner’s point of view. For this reason, we promise to provide a professional assistance till the day you are provided the title deed of your property.

We have different types of lands for sale in Spain in general, and Benalmádena in Particular, such as woodland and farmlands for sale. You are invited to visit our website to explore our properties.

We always provide a transparent honest successful purchase experience to our happy clients.

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