Houses for Sale in Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is the name given to Alicante's coastline in Spain, which extends for more than 200 kilometers. It is a worldwide known tourist destination because of its favorable weather and beaches. Costa Blanca is perfect for families due to the diverse variety of activities available from beaches and golf to museums and parks. There are beaches, such as Los Náufragos in Torrevieja, with golden sands, and Blue Flag status, as well as smaller beaches, such as Serragrosa, with crystal clear waters excellent for swimming. Moreover, there are golf courses and watersports facilities, as well as cultural attractions such as museums and galleries. It is an excellent place to buy Costa Blanca property for sale.

Why Invest in Costa Blanca?

1. Amazing Weather:

First and foremost, the climate is one of the main advantages of this area. All the cities and small towns that make up Costa Blanca have a Mediterranean climate, making each place great for living, visiting, and a popular tourist attraction.

2. Large Ex-pat Community:

Spanish locals and foreigners flock to Costa Blanca every summer because of its natural splendor, making the region very crowded during this time of the year. It has become a popular destination and an ideal place for many to buy villas in Costa Blanca. Some just want to find a second home, while others are searching for permanent residency or even investment opportunities. In the region of Costa Blanca, one can find the highest concentration of ex-pats in the country, gathering 13% of all foreign residents in Spain. Thanks to the large number of UK ex-pats living in the region, you can find plenty of social activities for English speakers, such as chess, bowling and craft clubs, sports teams, and fundraising groups for various causes. The region has just the right balance between the authentic Spanish culture and a solid network of British ex-pats, based on their clubs, societies, golf clubs, and newspapers.

3. Good transport connections:

Alicante-Elche Airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain and has great connections to the UK and Europe. Additionally, Costa Blanca has a good local transport infrastructure, making it easy to get around the region. The major cities in Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, and Málaga, are equal distances from the main town on the coast of Alicante.

4. Great Food:

Another of the many advantages of the Alicante region is its food. Costa Blanca’s cuisine benefits from the Mediterranean’s proximity, having mainly seafood and fresh fish at its core. Paella is surely one of the main delicacies you can eat in the region, but there are also plenty of options for meat-lovers. Above all, you can always find plenty of good wine in every restaurant, which will be the perfect companion to taste all the typical dishes!

5. Schooling:

The Costa Blanca area is also gifted with several great international schools, which makes the region a perfect overseas hotspot for foreigners that want to start a new life in a new place. Costa Blanca ex-pats have an array of choices of international schools. Courses are taught by native English speakers and Spanish speakers, but with a major focus on English.

Best Places to Buy a House in the Costa Blanca

There are great places to buy houses and land for sale in Costa Blanca. Moraira, Calpe, Altea, and Denia make up only some of these places.


Moraira’s perfect for buying houses in the north of Costa Blanca: it’s small, peaceful, and has a great beach. This lovely town is ideally located around 80km north of Alicante and 110km from Valencia. It remains one of the most unspoiled resorts in Costa Blanca. The town’s 8km of coastline enjoys a mountain backdrop and some truly world-class restaurants. There are many Northern Europeans in town. You’ll find it’s particularly popular with retirees or those that want a slice of the quiet life while keeping the lights of the city not too far away. The area is also known for its vineyards – the Muscatel, in particular, is a great place to buy a home in Costa Blanca.


In Altea, you’ll find a really authentic Spanish town with traditional white houses. Ana del Castillo. Altea is one of northern Costa Blanca’s most charming locales. There is an old and a new corner of town, as well as sandy and pebbly beaches overlooked by a wide promenade and lively marina. Follow the cobbled streets of the Old Town up to the stunning church and plaza on the top of the hill. From here, you can enjoy views of the sea and mountains. Altea is home to many top-notch restaurants and cute shops selling the work of local craftspeople. You’ll find lots of apartments on the market, and for larger villas, set your sights on the outskirts of town.


Calpe’s beautiful surroundings indicate that it’s a great place to buy apartments for sale in Costa Blanca. If you’re seeking a peaceful spot on the ocean, surrounded by mountains and vineyards, Calpe could be for you. There are 11km of coves and beaches to visit and a marina with lots of bars and cafes. There’s also a fantastic street market for all your shopping and souvenir needs. The town is particularly well known for its astounding gastronomy – Traveller has even named it the ‘capital of Mediterranean gastronomy. The seafood in particular is worth some investigation, including arròs del senior.


Denia’s charming port and surrounding countryside mean it’s no wonder it’s a popular place to own property in the north of Costa Blanca. This beautiful town of around 40,000 people boasts 20km of rocky and sandy coastline and a bustling port and marina. It’s wonderfully located on the shores of the Mediterranean. It’s backed by the mountains of Montgó National Park and the Balearic Islands out to sea. From the marina, you can hop on a ferry to Ibiza or Palma. You can also catch a tram to Alicante, Altea, Benidorm or Calpe. Denia is home to some charming Costa Blanca villas for sale– mostly one-storey homes with white façades, red-tiled roofs, and shady porches. There is a ruined castle proudly guarding the town, a lovely old quarter to explore and lots of shops and museums to enjoy when you need to get out of the sun.

Types of Houses in Costa Blanca

There is a vast amount of Costa Blanca homes in Spain including villas, townhouses, country properties, quad houses, bungalows, and cave houses. These houses come with many advantages for their residents such as spacious areas, communal facilities, and affordable prices.

Villas: Costa Blanca villas for sale are a lot more common than in other parts of the country and are associated with holidays in most cases. More often than not, they are owned by foreigners or Spaniards who use them as second homes for the weekends and summer holidays. It’s not unusual to find villas that form part of a residential complex, and as well as those that will have their own private pool and garden, others may have communal areas with a shared pool and other facilities. The villas for sale in costa Blanca with a private pool promise fun times with friends and family.


  • not attached to other units
  • More capacious
  • More peace and quiet as they are generally located outside urban areas

Townhouses: The townhouse, translated in Spanish as “casa adosada”, is the equivalent of terraced or semi-detached houses in Spain. Once again, townhouses often have communal gardens and a shared swimming pool, especially if they are on the coast. You will normally find townhouses on the outskirts of towns and can often be a more affordable option compared to buying a villa.


  • More affordable than villas
  • Often come with communal facilities
  • More spacious than an apartment

Country properties: Rural properties in Spain, whether they are small village houses (casa de pueblo) or larger farmhouses or estates with land (casa rural/finca), here you will get an authentic experience of the Spanish countryside. Property here can be very spacious and is generally cheaper than coastal resorts in Spain, as well as being widely available, however, keep in mind that you will more than likely have to renovate these properties unless you pay more for a property that’s already been modernized.


  • More affordable
  • Quiet lifestyle

Quad Houses: A quad house is a type of property which is becoming increasingly common in Spain and in simple terms, is basically a house attached on 2 consecutive or perpendicular sides to 2 other properties, each one with a private entrance via their own front or side garden. When facing any of the four sides of a quad property, the dwellings appear to be semi-detached houses.


  • Spacious
  • Private Garden

Bungalow: Bungalows are also popular in coastal regions in Spain but don’t get confused between the Spanish version of a bungalow and the typical meaning in English. Whereas in the UK a bungalow refers to almost any detached, one-storey house, in Spain, there is some confusion. Sellers may advertise a bungalow with the English meaning, however, in Spain, you’re also likely to find a bungalow referring to an apartment in a 2-storey house with a large veranda, flat roof, and adjacent land or in a campsite, often made of wood.


  • Cheaper than a villa
  • Lower maintenance costs

Cave houses: In the south of Spain, close to the famous Costas, it is quite common to find cave houses. Most of these properties will be found in what is known as Spain's cave country which is the unspoiled Altiplano de Granada, a mountainous region of northern Andalusia, between the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra de Castril. However, these traditional stone buildings are certainly not always damp, dark, cluttered, and claustrophobic areas, as the name cave may suggest. Many cave dwellings can have 8 or more bedrooms, as well as spacious living areas.


  • Being made of stone, cave houses are easier to heat in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Relatively low running costs

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