Land for Sale in Andalusia

How Do I Find an Investment Land in Andalucia?

Andalucía is big. How big? At over 87000 square kilometres it’s bigger than Austria or the UAE, and twice the size of Denmark or Switzerland! That’s big, but yet the southern province of Andalucía represents an area of only seventeen percent of the entire country of Spain.

Location and Transport

For size perspective, the duration of a car journey from one side of the Autonomous Community of Andalucía to the other, will take between five to six hours, depending on route. Comparatively, if the same journey was started in London, it would require travelling across four countries: United Kingdom, France, Belgium and the Netherlands; arriving six hours later in Amsterdam. In the same six hour journey from London you could also reach the city of Cologne, Germany. Andalucía is big.

Ideal Lands in Andalucia

With all that open space, it’s no wonder there’s an abundance of land for sale in Andalucía, Spain. And if you like big-sky country with wide-open spaces, the Autonomous Community of Andalucía might be just what you’re looking for.

But with so much choice across such a vast landscape, where does one start to find the ideal land in Andalucía?

Enter Spain Homes. We’re a local real estate company with professional, friendly, multilingual agents who were born and raised in Andalucía. We know real estate in Andalucía because we’re from Andalucía.

Did You Know Andalucía Has its Own Unique Dialect of Spanish?

Spanish spoken in the province of Andalucía is known as the “Andaluz” dialect and is spoken throughout many houses in Andalucía, Spain. While Spanish is the basic language of the country, Andalucía is just one basic dialect (of many). And because the Autonomous Community of Andalucía is so large - comprising of eight different Andalucían provinces - the dialects vary between provinces and between villages. The variations of dialects within Andalucía can be so distinct, the speaker can be identified as originating from a specific village.

Besides the diversity of language and unique regional dialect, Andalucía is also famous for its heritage of horse breeding and origin of the internationally-acclaimed Andalucían horse.

The Andalucían horse served a major role in Spanish history: first as a cavalry horse that was brave and agile in battle, then as a symbol of the refinement of Spain. Consequently, Andalucían horses were often presented as gifts, cherished by the ruling elites and wealthy. While those days are long gone, today it’s more common for horse lovers to buy agricultural land for sale in Andalucía and seek planning permission to erect stables.

Despite such long-standing history and demand for the breed, it was not until 1960 that the Andalucían horse was first exported from Spain. Since then, the Andalucían horse has become a desirable and highly-prized breed that is now well established across the globe and regularly appears in film and television for their intelligence, calmness, trainability; and of course, their stunning natural beauty.

The iconic breed of light horse is commonly kept on rural land in Andalucía and said to be the grandfather of the modern horse due to its genetic influence on most breeds today. Andalucían horses are popularly choice in dressage due to their beauty and grace, yet are still used for traditional purposes in Spain.

Andalucían horses are known for their elegant and graceful rhythmical walk, high-stepping trots, and smooth, rocking canters - the very characteristics that make them famous in equestrian competitions and shows today.

Beyond performing dressage moves, you’ll see Andalucían horses competing in jumping events, cross-country, and even Western barrel racing. You can watch these events take place where they are typically hosted on a large plot in Andalucía dedicated to horse shows and competitions.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying Land?

Rural land for sale in Andalucía is ideal and frequently purchased for horse paddocks, stables and hacking. The Spanish love their horses, so you’ll find a strong heritage of equestrian activities in Andalucía where there are many stables and riding clubs available.

Undeveloped land for sale in Andalucía can also be utilised for horse breeding and a centre for the various equestrian sport disciplines. Undeveloped land with the right planning permissions offers the opportunity to shape the blank canvas into the equestrian facility of your requirements. And while the allure of the beautiful Andalucían horse may seem tempting, it’s important to remember that if you wish to keep such a majestic animal on your own land, you will need to buy the right size plot for sale in Andalucía, Spain. Horses need space and adequate land - a measure they refer to as “carrying capacity”. The general rule of thumb for carrying capacity for one horse per two acres of open intensely managed land. Such ratio should provide adequate forage in the form of pasture and/or hay ground.

However, it’s vitally important to first consider the soil quality is suitable for pasture before you buy land in Andalucía. If your plot of land is mostly weeds or you live in an area that is prone to drought or covered with snow for many months of the year, the carrying capacity per head of horse will vary.

Finca land for sale in Andalucía is usually established and mapped out with existing planning permission that is suitable for animal husbandry and grazing, or was formerly used as such. Using a qualified local agent who can delve into the details before buying land in Andalucía is highly recommended to ensure the desired plot is fit for purpose and with the associated planning permissions.

Alternatively one may always consider living in apartments in Andalucía and instead of buying land, benefit from a livery where your horse is stabled, fed, groomed, tacked and generally maintained on your behalf. The scope of livery services vary, and many offer difference packages to accommodate different needs.

A livery in Spain is usually established as a commercial property in Andalucía - businesses that offer equestrian services and facilities in the area. Be sure to shop around for prices and most importantly, a physical inspection of the quality of grounds and care. Some liveries have resident farriers to ensure your horse’s feet are always in the best of health and care.

As always, whether it’s for your new home or your horse, it’s always recommended to work with professionals to ensure you’re getting the best of local knowledge and disclosure before you consider any investment. And while we’re probably not in the best position to advise you on a horse, at Spain Homes we do know real estate in Andalucía very well. Call today to discover how we can help you find the most suitable property to match your lifestyle.

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