Land for Sale in Málaga, Mijas

About Mijas

Mijas can be considered as the heart of the Costa del Sol region and comprises of three urban centers: Mijas Pueblo, Mijas Costa with Las Lagunas and La Cala with Calahondas. Mijas is more than 400 meters above sea level and is known for the traditional Andalucían whitewashed homes, also known as "El pueblo blanco" (in Spanish) that are built amid the mountains.

Mijas Pueblo is a charming and authentic mountain village with a central village square called Virgen de la Pena that sells local produce in the shops, and a few restaurants and hotels with beautiful views. Mijas Pueblo makes a great base for hiking in the mountains of Sierra de Mijas or relaxing on the coast – just 6 kilometers from the village.

There are several beaches on the long coastline of Mijas, the beach of La Cala extends 1.6 kilometers and characteristic of dark, volcanic sand. La Cala beach has been awarded Blue Flag beach recognition and maintains its standard every year.

Why Buy Land in Mijas, Malaga?

The interest on savings accounts is currently low. Historical returns of cash in bank versus buying land in Mijas, Málaga shows greater investment potential with land in Mijas. With the investment in a plot you get something tangible in your hands and you often get a good return. Land is becoming increasingly scarce and population growth stronger. Important when buying a plot of land is a competitive purchase price and an attractive location. If you want to buy land in Mijas, you naturally want an attractive return. In order to achieve a good return, it is first of all important to obtain a good price for the purchase of the land for sale in Mijas.

You can invest in a building land or farmland in Mijas. It is recommended to buy farmland in Mijas that has planning permission in place, or the viability of future planning permission to build on in the future. This opportunity is always reasonably present in Málaga.

Farmland usually costs a few euros per square meter, building land often several hundred euros. But making money with land is a matter of being patient. You cannot sell land just like that and is therefore less liquid than securities.

Building land or undeveloped land in Mijas, Málaga is much more expensive, but at least you have the assurance that you can construct something on it. Plots of land that are close to the beach and sea have a higher value than lands with a more modest location. If you want to buy a plot of land then you have to consider what the future expectations are when it comes to the popularity of the resort in terms of construction projects, both for private builders and for project developers.

If you looking for Spanish land for sale, Mijas is a good option. You may think to buy a plot in Mijas, Malaga to build a house or farmland. After construction is complete, you may sell it at a higher price than originally purchased.

The nature and climate in Mijas is great. You have land in Mijas with a view over the sea or panoramic views. You may find magnificent woodland for sale in Mijas thanks to Mijas’s natural landscape. It depends on your personal preference, and of course your budget.

Why Spain Homes?

As a private investor you cannot just estimate which farmland in Mijas has a chance to be built on and can therefore become lucrative. That is why it is advisable to have a local property experts investigate the potential land value and contact the necessary authorities that deal with special planning. You will find everything in terms of real estate at Spain Homes Real Estate Agency. There are many commercial properties in Mijas like hotels, restaurants, shop and etc. Spain Homes has portfolios of villas for sale in Mijas, you may find many villas with luxury features such as private pool. You may think to buy an apartment in Mijas, Málaga instead of a luxury villa, all types of Spanish property is present on Spain Homes website.

More Information

At Spain Homes we have different options for building lands and farmlands in Mijas, Málaga with different prices, and locations. Spain Homes provide professional assistance as our professional agents are at your disposal for a viewing tour around the area you prefer and will inform you about the condition of the property in Mijas and its facilities. Our services are unrivaled and we are proud that we are equipped with everything to make your purchase as stress-free as possible. Our employees are always ready to help you and guide you through everything.

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