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Costa Tropical, also known by the names Costa de Granada and Costa Granadina, is a coastal region that is located on the southeastern edges of the Iberian Peninsula. The region compromises the coastal towns of the Granada Province and is a neighbor of the famous Costa del Sol. The territories of Costa Tropical start from the west of Almería and extends to the La Herradura resort in the west.

Although it’s not as famous as its neighbor Costa del Sol, Costa Tropical is also an amazingly beautiful region to live in and to have a pleasant holiday. This coastal region stands out with its unique landscape and microclimate.

Costa Tropical is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea from the south and the Sierra Nevada mountain range from the north. The landscape of the region consists of sandy&pebble beaches, rugged cliffs, green plains, and mighty mountains. The scenery of this unique region is beautiful enough to amaze pretty much anyone.

Even though this coast is also close to the African continent, just like Costa del Sol, it has more humid weather throughout the year. This microclimate is the result of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Sierra Nevada mountains pass through the province of Granada and divide it into different climate zones.

While the inland areas of Granada have harsher weather conditions, Costa Tropical has perfect weather conditions to live in with warm winters and long hot summers. The average temperature is 20ºC in Costa Tropical. The residents of Costa Tropical can enjoy both the warm weather and relax on the sandy beaches and go skiing at the ski resort on the Sierra Nevada in a short drive.

In addition to its natural beauty, Costa Tropical also stands out with its serene and peaceful atmosphere. Due to being a relatively newer settlement area than the historical city centers, the towns of Costa Tropical are less populated and less crowded. This also means there is enough room for development.

These aspects of Costa Tropical make it a perfect place to settle in for a peaceful lifestyle, especially for retirees. Its unique beauty and the abundance of available land for sale in Costa de Tropical have made it an advantageous place for investing for both small investors and big investors.

How to Make a Good Investment: Buy an Apartment in Costa de Tropical

Costa de Tropical is a great choice for real estate investors, especially for those who want to purchase apartments at more affordable prices. Costa de Tropical has a natural beauty that won’t lose to other coastal regions. It also has a more peaceful atmosphere in its traditional whitewashed villages. Therefore, it holds great potential as a holiday destination. As a result, real estate in Costa de Tropical becomes a good choice for investors.

Business owners can make good profits in the long run by investing in properties in Costa de Tropical and taking advantage of the lack of rivalry in the region. For this reason, commercial properties also become a good investment choice for individuals. Individual investors can earn a good rental income through commercial properties in Costa de Tropical.

On the other hand, individual investors with relatively lower budgets prefer buying residential properties. The situation is not any different for Costa de Tropical either. Less crowded and tranquil places like Costa de Tropical are generally preferred by people who want to spend a more peaceful holiday. These people prefer to stay at residential properties rather than hotels. Therefore residential properties in Costa Tropical can also earn good rental incomes for their investors.

In addition, the residential property options like apartments or homes for sale in Costa de Tropical are more affordable than their equivalents in other regions or commercial property options in the same region. So, homes and flats for sale in Costa de Tropical are suitable for even small investors with lower budgets.

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