Real Estate for Sale in Costa Tropical

Costa Tropical is the Mediterranean coastline of the Granada province. It is also called Costa Granadina or Costa de Granada. It consists of a total of 186,77 km square of land. The population of Costa Tropical is around 130 thousand people.

Costa Tropical is located between the famous coastline of Costa del Sol and the Almeria Coast. The region also has a unique location close to northern Africa and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Sierra Nevada Mountains have the highest peaks in the Iberian Peninsula.

As its name defines, Costa Toropical has a subtropical microclimate with more than 320 sunny days each year. The average temperature is around 20º in the region. Also, this climate allows the growth of tropical plants.

Is Costa Tropical Ideal to Live In?

Exactly! Costa Tropical offers a combination of an ideal climate, a unique holiday atmosphere, and a wide variety of amenities. In addition, Costa Tropical offers one of the best prices for real estate investment.

Welcoming locals of Costa Tropical is another aspect of the region. There are many foreigners living in this area for long years. While the region is getting more people each year, buying a new home in Costa Tropical would be suitable for both living and investment.

The developing residential areas in Costa Tropical offer a wide variety of daily and social amenities. Therefore, there are numerous things to do in Costa Tropical. In addition to the most basic activity of swimming, you may do water sports, hiking, kayaking, and sightseeing.

What Are the Top Places in Costa Tropical?

Costa Tropical consists of various residential areas that offer different types of lifestyles and opportunities. Let’s check the best places in Costa Tropical:


Almunecar is located in the westernmost part of Costa Tropical. The city has a history of more than 3000 years. It was home to different civilizations, including the Greeks, Romans, and Arabs. Almunecar can be ideal for you also, with the many options for a villa for sale in Costa Tropical!

While Almunecar is not the largest city in Costa Tropical, it is the most famous and demanded. There are various beaches, attraction opportunities, some of the best options for real estate in Costa Tropical, and more to discover in Almunecar.


Motril is the largest residential area in Costa Tropical. Also, it is considered the commercial center of the region. In addition to these, Motril has a unique location. It is located right at the heart of Costa Tropical.

While Motril holds the widest opportunities to buy property in Costa Tropical, the area is mostly demanded to buy flats for sale in Costa Tropical.

La Herradura

La Herradura is a coastal village in Almunecar. It is located 45 minutes south of Granada and 50 minutes east of Malaga. The increasing fame of the village is going to make La Herradura one of the top destinations in Andalucia.

Northern European investors started choosing La Herradura to get explore the best opportunities for property for sale in Costa Tropical Spain. If you are willing to buy land for sale in Costa Tropical, it is a great point to construct your own house.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Costa Tropical Property?

The short answer is always and as soon as possible. Costa Tropical is a fastly developing area. So, the real estate prices in the area are expected to increase in the near future. It is forecasted that real estate investment has great profit potential.

Both for living and investment, Costa Tropical is a welcoming place ideal for both foreigners and locals. The magnificent Spanish region has numerous things to discover. Historical places, modern activities, unique architecture, and rich traditional and cultural aspects.

Everything you are expecting from a traditional Spanish region is waiting for you in Costa Tropical. Starting from your next house to investing in commercial real estate in Costa Tropical, the richness of the region is ideal.

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