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This is the land of those who feel they cannot survive without the sea. Contact us right now to take advantage of the current deals if you wish to make a successful property investment, only steps from the sea. The Spain Homes team is already prepared to find your dream homes for sale in Costa de Tropical!

Investing in a Beach Paradise: Villas for Sale in Costa de Tropical

First, let's see what it is like to live in this region and what it promises for the residents. The western coast of Granada is referred to as Costa Tropical. Its name refers to the region's subtropical climate, where the average temperature is around 20°C.

The distinctive feature of the coast is its varied landscapes until Málaga. It gives you a chance to try all types of water sports here, such as windsurfing, surfing, scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, golf, etc.

Although this region contains a total of 16 residential areas, it can be said that five of them serve as the majority of the area's tourist destinations, which are Almuécar, Salobrea, Motril, Castell de Ferro, and La Rábita.

Let's briefly examine the regions.


It is becoming more and more well-liked by foreign investors to buy property for sale in Costa de Tropical, Spain. Almuécar is a charming coastal resort town that attracts tourists during the summer.

The little coves and headlands typical of this region divide the attractive coastal promenade into numerous portions. There are also other longer beaches, all of which have excellent amenities and are perfect for families to have a great time.


Salobrea, the jewel of the Costa Tropical, is a whitewashed village situated on a large rock, just uphill from the coast, surrounded by a Moorish Castle and lush sugar cane plantations.

To discover the region, you can take the local minibus to the top of the hill and explore the old town embraced by a Moorish Castle, a 17th-century church, its narrow flower-filled streets, and a peaceful promenade until the castle.

You can start your journey into the tranquil future of your dreams by buying a home in Costa Tropical, which is whitewashed, taking in the sun all day, and surrounded by floral greenery.


With 50,000 residents, Motril is the largest town on the Costa Tropical. It is situated where the N325 heads inland toward Granada, just off the main coastal road between Almeria and Málaga.

It is a commercial hub that yields high returns for the nearby farmers of tropical fruits and flowers. Due to its proximity to other significant cities, both locals and visitors are continually fuelling its commercial market. That’s why Motril is one of the best options to invest in commercial real estate in Costa de Tropical.

Castell de Ferro

The seaside village of Castell de Ferro has a mild subtropical climate with all the characteristics of the south Mediterranean; a serene sea, a clear and bright sky, and a gentle breeze.

Castell de Ferro, which is situated in the center of the Granada coast, is primarily recognized for its tourism, agriculture, and protection of historic structures. However, there are many affordable, modern apartments right on the shore.

These are the best options if you are looking to purchase a modest, functional flat in this region. Such Costa Tropical apartments for sale in a popular tourist area with a beachfront location allow you to live comfortably while also earning rental income when not in use.

La Rábita

La Rabita is a cozy little village. It has a long beach, along with streets and seafront parks. The beach season lasts from mid-May to mid-October, but you can enjoy the sunshine all year long.

Plenty of beaches, stores, bars, and restaurants are ready to serve you here. There is also a bazaar with fresh food, flowers, plants, nuts, and clothes held every two weeks.

Everyone who is seeking a pleasant climate, friendly people, and cost-effectiveness would find it perfect to invest in houses for sale in Costa de Tropical.

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