Now that September has arrived, the dog days are over. Some of us couldn't get enough while the rest couldn’t touch their feed on the sand. No matter what, summer has come to an end.

But we must share the happy news: The climate in Spain in October still allows you to swim. The holiday season isn’t over till Spain says so!

Is it hot in Spain in October?

Yes, Spain is hot enough to swim in October! See the tables below:

Average temperatures of some cities in Spain


Average sea temperatures of some cities in Spain


Now, let's see where you can hold off your holidays here. Who knows, maybe you will even consider buying a home in Spain after your vacation.

Valencian Community

Valencian Community is a popular destination on the eastern coast of Spain. Its history goes till the Romans.


Valencian Community is a popular destination on the eastern coast of Spain. Its history goes till the Romans.Alicante has a mild climate. This helps the city be one of the best autumn destinations in Spain.

  • Cala El Portet

Cala El Portet is an ideal beach to swim. Here you can join sports activities and social amenities. The fine sands and the beautiful views here assure a perfect time.

  • Playa la Fustera

Playa la Fustera feels like a gift for tired souls with its natural beauty and water sports options. There is a hiking route at the elbow of the beach.

  • Playa del Portet

Turquoise waters, sands, and smiley faces… Playa del Porte has everything you seek. It is ideal for families with its tranquil and colorful atmosphere.

  • Barraca Cove

Barraca Cove is one of the best beaches in Spain Alicante. This sandy beach has beautiful views, restaurants, and social amenities.


Hot summers, mild winters, and beautiful beaches make Valencia one of the best places to travel in Spain in October.

  • Port de Sagunt Beach

Hot summers, mild winters, and beautiful beachesThanks to the heat, you can enjoy Port de Sagunt Beach throughout autumn. The beach has a long coast, fine sands, crystal clear water, dining options, and social amenities.

  • El Saler Beach

El Saler Beach attracts visitors all year long. Its sand, warm weather, location, natural setting, restaurants, and social activities are like a gift.

  • El Cabanyal Beach

El Cabanyal is also a popular beach with restaurants, social activities, sports facilities, and hotels.

  • Las Arenas Beach

Las Arenas Beach has everything: hotels, restaurants, bars, and sports facilities. If you want an unbusy beach, here is your haven for autumn.


Sports activities, social amenities, and natural beauties: Cullera has it all. This coastal town has cultural variety, a long history, and chic architecture.

  • Mareny de Sant Llorenç

If you want a calm beach, Mareny de Sant Llorenç awaits you. Don’t let this isolated beach fool you, there are lots of activities here.


A long history, mild climate, and beautiful nature call visitors to Catalonia all year long. It is home to some important cities like Barcelona and Figueres, the hometown of Dalí.


Sant Sebastià BeachBarcelona is a widely known city among holiday lovers, sports fans, and wanderlust spirits. Let’s see the best beaches in Barcelona to swim in.

  • Sant Sebastià Beach

As the oldest in the area, Sant Sebastià is a popular beach with a lively atmosphere and a long coastline. There are rich services and facilities here.

  • Sant Miquel Beach

One of the best things about this beach is its smoke-free air. Sant Miquel Beach dates back to 1755. It has services for all visitors.

  • Barceloneta Beach

This popular, old, and smoke-free beach has all the services and facilities you want.


Andalusia, on Spain's southern coast, has beautiful buildings that blend with its atmosphere. It also has a long history and old buildings.

Andalusia has hot and long summers along with mild and short winters. It is home to lots of beaches to swim in until winter.


In Alcaidesa Beach; you can swim, play golf, try out cuisines, and admire the views with your drink.Cadiz has a unique climate, a tranquil atmosphere, and beautiful nature. If you seek a chill-out area, Cadiz will welcome you in a heartbeat.

  • Alcaidesa Beach

In Alcaidesa Beach; you can swim, play golf, try out cuisines, and admire the views with your drink. Just make sure not to miss out on the sunset here, and you're good.

  • Playa de Atlanterra

Playa de Atlanterra has a peaceful atmosphere in an urban space. It has crystal-clear waters, fine sands, and rich amenities.

  • Playa El Palmar

Playa El Palmar will satisfy your adventurous spirit! Here you can surf and try tasteful meals at restaurants.


Málaga is a treasure of Spain. The climate here leaves lots of space for fun and sun. If you drop by Málaga, don’t skip having some of the traditional Spain cuisine!

  • Peñon del Cuervo

This peaceful nest has its reasons for popularity. The well-located beach has bars, services, facilities, and security. You will find yourself admiring natural beauty here.

  • Playa De La Malagueta

Playa De La Malagueta Beach has a colorful atmosphere near Málaga city center.Playa De La Malagueta Beach has a colorful atmosphere near Málaga city center. Here you can enjoy swimming, sports, and meals.

  • Playa El Palo

Playa El Palo is a sandy beach near a fishing town. The beach has turquoise waters, easy access, restaurants, and a lively atmosphere.

  • Playa Peñón Del Cuervo

The Playa Peñón Del Cuervo matches turquoise waters with fine sands. This visual gift is a haven far from all the fusses of big city life.


This beautiful town makes the mountains hold hand-to-hand with the seacoast. If you care for a relaxing environment, Granada might be where your soul longs for.

  • Las Cañas Beach

This semi-urban beach has an isolated environment. If you want a peaceful day with swimming and sunbathing, Las Cañas Beach is perfect for you.

Region of Murcia

This region is wonderful for the residents and tourists. Its long summer with lots of sunshine makes it feel like paradise on Earth.


Murcia has over 300 days of sunshine. This lively holiday area has a long history and beautiful architecture.

  • Cala Cortina

Cala Cortina Beach is like a paradise close to the city center.With cliffs, clear waters, and fine sands; Cala Cortina Beach is like a paradise close to the city center. It has services, a seafood restaurant, and areas for fishing and picnics.

  • Bolnuevo Beach

This sandy beach with a long and clean coastline has cafes, restaurants, bars, and natural sculptures. If you seek a unique beach, Bolnuevo Beach can be it.

  • La Llana Beach

La Llana Beach is a paradise with white sands and crystal-clear waters. If you want a beach with a calm atmosphere, here it is!

Can I swim during the autumn in Spain?

Yes, of course! There are other activities you can do in the autumn season in Spain too. Surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving taking a walk, and swimming are some of them.

Are Spain beaches fun in October?

You bet! There are plenty of things to do in Spain in October. Surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, and taking a walk are some of them.

Why should I visit Spain in autumn?

  • The beaches are less full.
  • The hotel fees are lower.
  • The weather is less like an oven.
  • You can join autumn festivals and celebrations. Fiestas del Pilar, Marbella Film Festival, Fiesta del Marisco Festival, or Halloween in Spain are some.
  • You can try out the delicious Spain cuisine in autumn.