The best summer destinations in Spain for property investors are the country’s southeastern coasts. Starting from Costa Blanca on the north to the Costa del Sol on the south, Spanish coasts offer one of the best vacation experiences in Europe.

Spain leads the way when it comes to the most attractive vacation destinations. Among other Mediterranean countries, Spain has its own significance in terms of comfortable vacations.

The best time to visit Spain in the summer is between June and September. Summer is the liveliest season in Spain. Well, what could go wrong when you take a bite of your tapas and sip from your sangria by the beach?

spain-madridi-ctiy-summerSpain’s inland metropolitan cities such as Madrid, Seville, and Cordoba are the cultural attractions that may be an overwhelming choice. Most of the touristic interactions happen in these mainstream cities. To have a comfortable, laidback but joyous holiday experience, Spanish Costas are the perfect fit for it.

Spain’s eastern coastal settlements do not only guarantee a wonderful holiday experience. These coasts also stand out as the best places to buy a summer house in Spain, both to live in and invest in.

The real estate markets of Spain’s Mediterranean coasts are quite promising in terms of annual yield and affordability. Living expenses and property prices in overcrowded metropolitan cities like Madrid are relatively higher than in coastal regions. The most affordable summer houses in Spain are focused around the long stretch of Spanish coasts.

The Best Destinations to Buy Summer Houses in Spain

Spain’s most attractive spots to buy summer houses are Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, and on the south, Costa del Sol.

The construction market has steered its most exclusive projects around these coastal regions recently. The small seaside settlements on the coastline have become modern, cozy towns. Here are the best places to look for affordable but luxury summer houses in Spain.

Costa Blanca

costa-blanca-spain-summer-plageCosta Blanca is a sun-soaked coastal promenade that stretches about 200 km along with the seashores of the Mediterranean. It combines the laidback lifestyle with a vibrant ambiance, making it perfect to collect unique memories.

This alluring Costa is famous for its pure white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Costa Blanca has more to offer than just showcasing stunning picturesque views. It also offers a healthy environment to spend quality time with its blue flag beaches on bathing levels.

Alicante City is a historical settlement and the capital city of the Costa Blanca. The city’s historical center is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It makes Alicante the best fit to look for summer houses with historical landmarks in Spain. Alicante is perfect for property buyers who look for a city lifestyle and an endless number of amenities within easy reach.

For a cozier and tranquil holiday experience, smaller towns with newly built property options might be a good choice. The charming town of Rojales and Finestrat are fantastic places to spend your summers intertwined with the lush nature of the Iberian Peninsula. Plus, these towns are within easy reach of the most quality beaches, the best golf courses, and nature parks.

In between peaceful ambiance and city-like atmosphere, there we have Torrevieja and Orihuela. These constantly developing towns stand out with a wide range of summer house options.

In general, the best houses to spend your summers in these towns are designed as detached or semi-detached villas. These summer houses mostly combine outdoor spaces with bright and spacious interiors with semi-open spaces. In this way, you always get a chance to enjoy stunning views of the surroundings, and warm Mediterranean climate all year long.

Costa del Sol

summer-in-spain-costa-del-sol-spainCosta del Sol is now considered the major investment spot, especially for summer houses near the beach in Spain. This dazzling golf heaven of Spain allows you to adopt an active lifestyle with the pristine outdoors. The Mediterranean climate dominates the area, where you can enjoy 300 days of sunshine throughout the year.

Málaga is the capital city of Costa del Sol and has a lot to offer than stunning beaches and wonderful nature. The birthplace of the famous painter Pablo Picasso is hard to beat, especially if you are looking for a holiday experience full of thrilling discoveries.

It is also an already established city that offers comprehensive socializing opportunities. Málaga is a fantastic choice if you would like to get along with its lively and colorful ambiance during your vacation.

Marbella, the nest of the famous and rich, is unbeatable when it comes to luxury and upscale living. It is the Upper East Side version of Spain with its world-class golf courses, and high-class marina called Puerto Banus.

It is the best fit to buy a luxurious summer house, adorned with quality details and high-end finishes. Marbella’s property market has the best summer houses with private pools in Spain. The most outstanding ones are the villas in a strategic position overlooking the sea. What says more “privileged” than waking up to the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean?

When we look at the other hand, there are humbling towns with the coziest atmosphere like Estepona. It is called “the flower garden of Spain” and gives its name its due. This Spanish town is wrapped up with the cutest Andalusian charm and combines it with modernity.

The colorful streets of the historical old town create the perfect setting for random discoveries on each corner. Its long stretch of coastal promenade has a lively aura where you can enjoy interacting with different cultures. A quick morning stroll on the seaside is a great way to start your day.

In addition, Estepona has a perfect position between Marbella and Gibraltar. It gives you the perfect opportunity for adventures and quick getaways to nearby cities in Spain. You can spend your summer exploring the undiscovered parts of the Mediterranean coasts.

Fuengirola and Mijas are also other places that are often preferred by foreign investors. These traditional Spanish villages have turned into contemporary towns full of extensive amenities, both daily and social.

The most attractive side of cozier places like Fuengirola is the comfort that they offer. Everything you need is within easy reach, from the lively coastline to the best golf courses. These delightful spots are the best fit if you are looking for a bit of relaxation combined with an active lifestyle.

Costa Calida

costa-calida-yatch-port-summer-day-in-spainStretching along the southern Mediterranean coasts, Costa Calida fits perfectly for a summer escape. Costa Calida is a gem waiting to be discovered with its dazzling beauties like the spectacular Mar Menor.

In addition to its scenic beauty, Costa Calida’s best settlements have historical significance. The region still preserves its historical ambiance, such as the city of Cartagena which was home to the greatest civilizations in history.

Now, all fishing villages have become increasingly popular among holidaymakers. Most of these settlements have transformed into modern towns, offering the best facilities and amenities to make your dreams come true.

Murcia, the capital city of Costa Calida leads the way when it comes to astonishing spots for a summer vacation. This underestimated city offers a diverse range of experiences for nature, sports, and history enthusiasts.
Life never goes boring, and there is always something charming for everyone in this bustling city. Its property scale has an endless number of options for every budget and necessity. The most common choice in Murcia’s real estate market is the villas that offer full privacy and are located near the attraction spots.

San Pedro del Pinatar, situated on the Mar Menor coast, is a haven for nature lovers. It showcases one-of-a-kind beauties in each corner. With its saltwater lagoons and crystal clear top beaches in Spain, it offers a serene environment for a summer retreat.

san-pedro-street-spainThe most exclusive summer houses in San Pedro are situated within walking distance of the beach, or within easy reach by car. Why not enjoy having breakfast on your rooftop terrace while having stunning Mediterranean views in the background?

What to Look for in a Summer House in Spain?

Spanish summer houses are characterized by their semi-open spaces, private outdoor areas, location near the beach or amenities, and state-of-the-art design.

We can divide summer houses into two categories by design: Traditional Mediterranean houses and modernly designed contemporary structures.

Traditional houses tend to draw a classical Mediterranean image. These houses are bordered by Mediterranean arches on front porches or balconies. They create semi-open spaces in their own characteristic way.

On the other hand, modern summer houses have simplistic designs to provide a more therapeutic and neat ambiance. These summer homes provide everything you need in a simple, minimalist way. They offer a new generation of tranquility by creating idyllic open spaces filled with natural sunlight.

The main diversification can also be made by their locations. Mainly, houses intertwined with nature or within easy reach of the beach are in high demand in Spain. Since it’s a mountainous country, it is easier to find summer houses with mountain views in Spain.

Another highly preferred option is the one on a beachfront location, or within walking distance of it. If you are thinking of taking a siesta on a beach, just a few minutes away from your new summer home, Spanish Costas have the best options.

Not only that, these coastal promenades are perfect for an evening stroll at sunset. Even at night, there are lots of activity options from cycling to live performances in the entertainment venues.

spain-summer-plageA great part of these summer houses are situated in social complexes. In general, these complexes are designed as gated communities with security precautions. Some of these complexes may offer social facilities with communal use from swimming pools to well-being centers with SPA and saunas.

When it comes to interior features, most summer houses have flexibility in customization. Would you like to have a huge garden to cultivate? Done. Do you want to add a pool and a barbecue area? Go on, you have plenty of space in your garden.

And what about a jacuzzi? You can choose between your garden or your sea view terrace. Also, the poolside lounge is the best fit for your family dinners and birthday parties.

The Spanish real estate market has the best summer house options to match the 300 days of sunshine, the Mediterranean lifestyle, and perfect summer experiences. Discover the best summer houses in the Spanish Costas with Spain Homes ®.