Alicante, Málaga, Barcelona, Murcia, and Mallorca can be sorted as the top places to visit in Spain.

This gorgeous Mediterranean country is full of surprises. Each corner offers a different kind of amazement. We’ve prepared a list for you in terms of privileges and opportunities. Here are the best places to visit in Spain and the most outstanding features of them.

Spain Travel Guide: Where to Travel in Spain?

According to the survey analyzed by European Travel Commission, Spain ranks 1st among the top 10 countries to visit in 2022. But the best cities to visit in Spain are Alicante, Málaga, and Barcelona.

1. Alicante

Let’s imagine a place where you can experience the colorful Mediterranean lifestyle under the bright sun while sipping your sangria: That place is Alicante!

Alicante is a deep-rooted settlement that was occupied by some of the biggest civilizations of all time. The region was home to Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, and Castilians throughout the ages. It is now the second biggest city in the Valencian Community.

Tourists and expats from Northern countries mostly prefer this coastal settlement. It is an outstanding tourism center in terms of international travel to Spain. The reason is mainly the laidback lifestyle full of privileges. Alicante attracts a great number of tourists because of its numerous activity centers, crystal clear Spain beaches, and approximately 300 sunny days in a year.

One of the main highlights of the city is its well-preserved historical landmarks. Other than the Castle of Santa Barbara, the old city, El Barrio de Santa Cruz in Alicante is a must-visit!

Situated on the foothills of the Castle of Santa Barbara, this historical and picturesque area is perfect for a Dolce far Niente! Every corner of the narrow streets of Santa Cruz amazes you with its scenic views and charming details. After a lovely walk in Santa Cruz, we suggest you enjoy the stunning sea and city views from the Santa Barbara Castle in the sunset. It’s an unforgettable experience!

Alicante is more than a vacation spot, it’s an all-year-round destination to experience the Mediterranean way of living.

When we say “all-year-round destination”, we mean that Alicante is one of the most promising places in terms of education and career. The city’s harbor is one of the busiest commercial ports in the country. That creates high-income potential from trading goods while most of the source of income in Spain depends on commercial activities.

Pro Tip: Did you try the tasty dish known as “Paella”? We strongly advise you to taste this rice-based deliciousness before you leave Alicante.

2. Málaga

What comes into mind when you mention Málaga? Diversity. Harmony. Combination of different lifestyles. Well-preserved culture and joyful summer vacation. Let’s just say it’s all of them.

This beautiful city of Costa del Sol is where your dreams come true. Málaga has a lot to offer for everyone of all ages and interests. It is more than a metropolitan city filled with contemporary buildings but also a gorgeous coastal settlement.

The city is filled with picturesque botanic gardens, dazzling valleys, carefully preserved natural parks, and steep mountains which will amaze you to your core.

On the other side, does the hometown of the famous cubist artist Picasso fall short of culture? Málaga city has 37 museums including the Picasso Museum which is without a doubt the most famous one.

And also, just give it a visit to the Museum of Imagination. It may be a joyous Sunday event that you can attend with your family and loved ones!

The prime aspect of the city remains its great environment and climate. It is a well-known fact that summer is the best time to travel to Spain. Thanks to the warm climate and nearly 300 sunny days, you can enjoy the summer dream all year long in this beautiful city of Costa del Sol.

It is essential to remember that this wonderful coastline has earned its reputation as Costa del Golf. It hosts numerous prestigious golf courses and international tournaments. Especially Málaga steps out as the main Andalusian center of golf in Spain.

The city is a perfect place to enjoy the vacation-concept lifestyle throughout the year.

Pro Tip: Don’t leave Málaga before trying out the Gazpacho, famous Andalusian food in Spain. Its refreshing taste will add another flavor to the warm summer nights!

3. Barcelona

Oh, Barcelona! Does the famous Woody Allen movie fully represent the city’s magical ambiance? Don’t decide now before raising your head to see the sharp towers of the flamboyant La Sagrada Familia.

This gorgeous coastal city is famous for its well-planned urban texture and impressive architecture. The cultural aspect of this town stands out a bit more than the other factors. In 2020, 55.7% of the tourist population traveled to Barcelona to explore the deep-rooted culture of this gorgeous Spanish settlement. However, the landscaped gardens and parks where you can enjoy the hot summer days under a big tree also need to be appreciated.

The urban texture of this glorious Mediterranean city has been knotted all over by famous architects such as Antoni Gaudi. Do not leave the city before exploring the exquisite artworks of Gaudi, starting from La Sagrada Familia to Casa Batlló.

Pro Tip: Try out the Spanish Tapas in Barcelona, it’s an experience that you won’t regret!

4. Murcia

Murcia, what a wonderful place to relish the colorful summer nights of the Mediterranean. The historical background of Murcia traces back 1,500,000 years ago. The region witnessed its golden ages while under the command of Phoenicians, Greeks, and Carthaginians. It is occupied by these civilizations because of the benefits of the Segura river flowing down from the Sierra de Segura.

Today, the city is known as a university city. A great number of universities in Spain and international schools in Spain focus on Murcia. This nom de guerre comes with lots of privileges.

Thanks to the well-developed transportation network, you can easily reach any part of the city within a short time. Murcia is also filled with places where you can socialize and communicate with people who share the same interests as you.

Especially the coastal areas around Mar Menor are the main attraction centers. These places are full of concept cafes and restaurants offering delicious tastes of Mediterranean cuisine. It is a place where you can not only experience the Mediterranean dream but also live your best life.

Pro Tip: It wouldn’t be kind to leave this heaven of vegetables before trying Hortalizas en Tempura.

5. Mallorca

What says both historical and Mediterranean with a summer taste all year round than Mallorca?
Mallorca is a part of the Balearic Islands. The island is known for its peaceful atmosphere, authentic ambiance, and crystal clear beaches. The best time to visit Spain Mallorca definitely is the summertime!

The narrow streets of the island center, beaches, and warm climate under the shining sun are the main highlights of Palma de Mallorca. There are numerous accommodation options such as luxurious hotels with private beaches and extensive social facilities. You can also look for boutique hotels where you can experience the warm hospitality of Spaniards.

It’s convenient to be reminded of the famous line of Doctor Who: It’s bigger on the inside! Mallorca is the biggest one of the Balearic islands which host 53 municipalities. If you are in Spain visiting Mallorca, taking an old-fashion train ride to Soller is one of the ultimate things to do in Spain. This small picturesque town is also a perfect option for a joyous summer night to walk around at sunset.

Pro Tip: Did you know that Mallorca is a traditional wine production center? The origins of wine production in Mallorca trace back to the Roman period. Attend a wine tasting event in Mallorca before you leave the island.

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