Sun shines in the sky, a cozy wind starts blowing smoothly, and the best time to enjoy the beautiful nature of Spain arrives. Spaniards greet Spring with joy, cheer, and excitement!

The prelude of the spring season shows up around the first week of March, which can lead to getting confused about when does Spring start in Spain. The spring season officially begins on March 20 and lasts until the last week of June. The main impacts of the spring season can be seen in the surroundings rather than the climate, since Spain does not experience harsh weather conditions like other European countries.

This does not necessarily mean that the weather remains the same. The temperature even increases to a level that you can enjoy the beautiful mornings by swimming on the beautiful beaches of Costa Blanca.

What is the Climate in Spain All Year Round, Especially in Spring?

a view of beach and cliff surrounded with greeneryThe average annual temperature is 14.25 °C in Spain. Even in the winter months, the temperature doesn't decrease below 10 °C in the coastal regions. In spring, the warmth can increase up to 27 - 28 °C.

A warm and sunny Mediterranean climate in Spain dominates the whole eastern and southern parts of Spain, mostly around the coasts neighboring the Mediterranean sea. The climatic conditions may change from one place to another, due to the geographical context of the Iberian peninsula. The weather tends to get colder while moving to more inland settlements and getting away from the coasts.

The average temperature in Spain during spring usually changes around 16 - 25 °C. Especially during May, the sundial in a day reaches about 9.5 hours which gives you a lot of time to attend outdoor activities throughout the day. That’s why the spring season offers the best conditions of weather and climate in Spain.

Spring Season in Spain

a street with colorful flowers and shopsAfter witnessing all seasons in a year, people often realize that Spain is not just a seasonal vacation spot but a year-round destination. Each season in Spain has its own characteristics but spring is often recalled as the best season for Spain. Here are the reasons why Spring is the best season to go to Spain:

• The climatic conditions fit perfectly for an evening stroll or an all-day hiking experience. It’s the best time to explore the dazzling beauties of the nature of the Iberian peninsula.
• Spaniards greet the spring with the most colorful events from festivals to cultural fairs. Spring is the best time to attend film, music, or theatre festivals, concerts, cheerful marches, and history or culture-themed fairs. Especially March and April are the busiest months in terms of spring festivals in Spain.
• Flowers blossom and trees get every shade of green again. The breathtaking natural beauties of Spain show off their magnificence.
• The ambiance gets livelier along with the awakening of nature. A colorful environment combined with the cheerful sounds of birds warbling in the sky creates the perfect setting for a cheerful day.
• The harvested crops of spring are full of fruits and vegetables that are the essentials of the healthy Mediterranean diet. What a food fest!
• The climate and the environment provide convenient conditions for an active lifestyle. Spring is the perfect season for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, horseback riding, and more.

Each year, thousands of people are visiting Spain in spring. Surely, there are hundreds of other reasons why people often find Spring the most inspirational season. Now it’s time to think, what’s yours?

Best Places to Visit in Spain in Spring

The best places for an ultimate spring experience in Spain are definitely the eastern coasts, especially Costa Blanca, and Costa del Sol. The astonishing Spanish Costas stand out as lively urbanizations full of opportunities, activities, and laidback lifestyles.

Especially centralized cities like Málaga, Alicante, or Murcia are mostly chosen by the millennials for joyous spring holidays in Spain. These metropolitan cities are full of entertainment facilities and social occasions.

Smaller towns such as Estepona or Orihuela also don’t fall behind. There are a lot of things to see, to try, to experience on the coasts of Spain. We have listed some of the best things to do in Spain during the spring season.

Andalusian Community

a view of andalusia with houses and apartmentsThe spring season brings a whole other ambiance to Andalusia. The streets, public spaces, gardens, and balconies that are adorned with flowers create a harmonious atmosphere.

These wonderful pieces of nature create a charming contrast with ancient monuments in Seville, Granada, Cádiz, and Málaga. But also, Andalusia is full of natural wonders that will amaze you with its beauty. Spring is the best time to explore the stunning Andalusian nature firsthand.

Let’s travel further from the central settlements and look for an enthusiastic thing to do. The walking path of Caminito del Rey is a magnificent spring adventure, only 1-hour car ride away from the Málaga center. The walking route of Caminito del Rey passes through canyons, cliffs, and a huge valley that will take your breath away.

Looking for a more calming and peaceful occasion? Let’s sail from Puerto Banus after an all-day shopping in Marbella. You will love the dazzling views of sunset on the horizon of the Mediterranean sea.

Jardín Botánico Histórico La Concepción is a historical botanical English garden in Málaga. The best time to visit it is during the spring season to fantastic explore the flora and fauna of unique nature.

What about something more captivating to do with your loved one? Try out the world-famous fortified wines of Andalusia in the most exclusive wineries of Jerez and Ronda. Most of these wineries offer vineyard tours and wine-tasting events accompanied by local tapas’ or Spanish meals.

One of the best things to do for families with children is to visit the best nature parks and zoos in Spain. Bioparc of Fuengirola is a great option since the endangered animals and all species can live in a natural habitat recreated according to their original living conditions. There are four different areas: Madagascar, Equatorial Africa, South-East Asia, and the Indo-Pacific.

a street with colorful flowers and a water fountainValencian Community

Let’s travel a bit more northeast, now we are in the hometown of Costa Blanca. Other than being a magnificent place for a summer vacation, Costa Blanca is also a perfect place for spring break.

Visiting UNESCO world heritage sites can be a joyous experience to do during the Spring time. For example, Palmeral of Elche city in Valencian Community is among the UNESCO heritage sites. It is the most significant place that comes to mind when someone says “Mediterranean” with its 200.000 palm trees.

The natural park that consists of 2 saltwater lagoons, including a pink one, in Torrevieja is definitely a must-see. Especially during the spring season, the pink waters of this astonishing lagoon create a perfect setting for a romantic trip.

Hiking on the Peñon de Ifach, what a unique experience! The views of Calpe adorned with every shade of green and blue, just 320 meters above the Mediterranean sea, are absolutely astonishing. The climate creates the perfect conditions for an exciting hike.

Paseo Ecológico de Benissa is another destination that offers the most picturesque views of Mediterranean nature. Exploring the most undiscovered coves of Benissa and Calp is a great weekend plan to spend quality time with your family during the spring in Spain.

Spring is also a picnic season in Spain, which does not require any trip. Most homeowners in Spain spend their free time in the garden of their detached houses with their loved ones. Most of these houses include a private garden, a barbeque area, and a poolside lounge. This is the perfect opportunity to get together with your family and spend some intimate time together.

Pro Tip: Spring comes with lots of fiestas and national holidays such as Holy Week, Crosses of May, Las Fallas, Easter, and more. These festivities are mostly celebrated on pre-determined dates in each autonomous community.

Are you wondering how you can celebrate these festivals as a true Spaniard? Then you should keep up with the announcements of the autonomous communities or local municipalities. They inform the public about when or where the celebrations will take place and their concepts.

What to Eat in Spain During the Spring Season?

a shelf of fruits and vetetablesGood news for the fruitarians and vegetable lovers! Spring is a great time to taste the freshest fruits and veggies since they are the main seasonal nutrients.

Seafood is a big deal in Spain because most of today’s big urbanizations on the coast were once fishing villages. They bear great importance in Spanish cuisine but also Mediterranean diet is pretty suitable for vegetable-based eating habits.

The vegetables like artichokes, endives, spinach, zucchinis, eggplants, and asparagus have the best quality during the spring season. They should be consumed before the summertime arrives, so spring is the most convenient time to eat. Berries are the most common fruits you can encounter in Spain in spring. The fruit salads including raspberries, cherries, nectarines, and apricots are a healthy snack on the days that we’re getting ready for the summertime.

Spain’s most traditional foods are based on Mediterranean cuisine, so we don’t give up tapas or Gazpacho in any season in Spain. However, it would be refreshing to try them out after a joyous hiking adventure in nature in spring or a long swim on the beach in the summertime.

What a Unique Experience, Start Your New Journey Today!

The sun, the beach, and nature… Quite charming, not only in summer but for the whole year. There is always a new thing to do or a new adventure to follow in every season in Spain. If you are looking for a way to experience it on your own, contact our property experts to find your dream home in Spain today!