There are lots of secret destinations in Spain that every type of traveler will never regret visiting. The best-hidden gems in Spain offer so much scenic beauty with a gorgeous coastline, a vibrant city life, a rooted culture with rich history, delicious food, and warm Mediterranean locals.

Then, we said we should put together a list for those who want to explore Spain from its heart and hidden spots, rather than the familiar destinations like us!

The Best Unexplored Places in Spain that Should be On Your Bucket List

Here are some perfect places that you should visit at least once in your life:

1. Ubrique

town, church, houses, tree, city, villageThis authentic municipality in Cádiz is located in an exceptional natural setting in the middle of the Route of the White Villages (Ruta de Los Pueblos Blancos). It is such a shiny town that you might think you are in heaven.

And, did you know that this town is well-known in the luxurious high-fashion industry? It is known as a cradle of Andalusian leather (Cuna de la Piel), supplying premium leather to the most exclusive luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Chanel, and other top brands. So, be sure to stop by the Leather Museum (Museo de la Piel).

2. Competa

It is another white town located in the south of Spain, Andalusia. It is all about delicious food. Locals make their own honey, olive oil, and wine. You should give these homemade foods a try with their iconic chicken dish served in a wine sauce, Pollo al vino de Cómpeta.

If you have had stressful days recently, it is the perfect choice for you as a retreat location. You take a walk around in the morning and spend time at a local venue with live music and delicious food in the evening.

3. Cádiz

church, white-houses, city, village, castle, skyCádiz is actually one of the prettiest places in Spain, which is visited quite a lot but is underrated. It is a beach holiday town that is highly preferred around spring and summer, thanks to its mild climate.

There are lots of beaches to swim in the Atlantic Ocean; La Caleta, Playa de Santa Maria del Mar, and Playa de la Victoria. Many activities you can do after the sea are waiting for you, too. To give some insight, you can enjoy the scenic views of the city from Torre Tavira. Or, you can take a lovely walk on the Castillo de San Sebastian’s seafront promenade.

To add, it is also our customers’ favorite investment spot to buy property in Spain. If you want to learn the legal procedures, you can call us.

4. Jerez de la Frontera

Catedral de Jerez is the best highlight, describing the town as a picturesque destination where Gothic and Neoclassical meet Baroque styles. The historical structures here are so eye-catching and unique that you can experience the art movements firsthand.

Next to the cathedral, you can visit the Alcazar and the Dark Chamber, which were declared Bien de Interés Culture in 1931. For those who do not fan of cultural tours, Jerez has one of the biggest flea markets on Sundays that is really worth a visit. Many local bodegas are also serving sherry and food.

5. The Costa da Morte

coast, light-house, ocean, sky, rocksThe direct translation of its name is the death coast, coming from the shipwrecks found along the coast. This coastal area stretches along the Atlantic Ocean in Galicia, Northern Spain. It has a magnificent gray atmosphere, which some found depressing but also cool for many, with the impressive landscape; lighthouses, rugged cliffs, and long beaches.

So, you can try many outdoor activities here, from hiking on the long-distance trails, the Camino Finisterre and the Camino de Los Faros, to surfing, if it is summertime, for sure. Its winter is famous for heavy rains and waves, so it can be “a bit” dangerous in winter (remember the shipwrecks!).

6. Tarragona

Unfortunately, the place is not getting the attention it had in ancient times. Tarragona was one of the prominent Roman settlements on the Costa Daurada in Catalonia. Now you can find many hidden spots, attractions, and little-known places in this Spain’s ancient town.

One of them is obviously the Amphitheater de Tarraco, built in the second century. It was the first place that flashed into their minds when it was about fights between gladiators and also with wild beasts. But now, we can get away from all that and just admire the architectural beauty of the theater and arenas still standing. Also, its beaches are so popular among residents and tourists.

7. Alcalá del Júcar

hill, rocks, red-house, blue-sky, oceanThis town has a unique postcard view on a hill with the Júcar River below. When you look at the town from a bird’s eye view, it is clearly seen that the town has a crescent shape.

Its unusual planning and street layouts have also attracted all visitors. At least one person wonder how the houses were built on this steep hill. It is really one of the most unique places in the world.

Some tourist attractions that are worth a visit:

  • Cine-Museo de Alcala del Jucar
  • Castillo de Alcalá del Júcar
  • Iglesia de San Andres
  • Bodega La Cepa de Pelayo
  • Ermita de San Lorenzo

Castillo de Alcalá del Júcar is the symbol of the town, which is of Arap origin but was rebuilt during the Christian era. The bridge was built by the Romans and rebuilt in the 18th century, taking to the parish church of San Andrés, which dates back to the 19th century.

8. Albarracin

It is a fairy-like town, making you feel like you’re escaping reality. It was the capital of Taifa, a Moorish Kingdom. The town still preserves the spirit of Islamic and medieval times.

Wandering through the paved streets, you will be surrounded by peachy-colored houses, and we recommend taking a look at Casa de la Calle Azagra, Casa de la Julianeta, Playa Mayor, and Torre del Andador.

9. Picos de Europa

mountain, tree, stone-house, blue-skyNow we are flying into Heidi's world. This place is out-stand-ing! Wide green plains, Cantabrian mountains, farm animals welcoming you, hikers... One of the best scenic views ever.

It is the second-largest national park in Spain whose highest peak sits at an elevation of 2650 m, Torre de Cerredo. It is home to the deepest caves, authentic hilltop villages, and long-distance trails. Some are 9-km Bajo Los Picos Trail, Vega de Ario Plane for advanced hikers, and Ruta de Torres de Orcado Rojos.

10. Porto Colom Mallorca

It is a fishing village located around one of the largest and most sheltered bays on the island of Palma de Mallorca. Its name comes after Christopher Columbus, who is thought to have been born here but not certain.

Its picturesque nature is embraced by boathouses, lighthouses, and local fishing boats. You can take a boat trip to discover its most beautiful bays.

The beaches here are the best holiday destinations in Spain to relax and sunbathe. Cala Marcal is a favorite tourist spot in the southern part of the island.

11. Cala Figuera Mallorca

house, boat, yatch, hill, mountain, skyIsn't it a paradise or what? It is a magnificent fishing port in the southern part of Cala Santanyí, another hidden gem in Mallorca. Cala Figuera has a very striking scenic beauty, thanks to the turquoise water, fantastic harbor, and green nature.

If you are looking for peace, beauty and, of course, reasonable prices in one place, this is the first one you should visit in Spain, even in Europe. The sea is wonderful, but the streets are ready to steal the show. They are full of palm trees, hibiscus, and almond trees. Here you take full advantage of the tranquility while enjoying the magnificent harmony of green and turquoise.

12. Juzcar

Everyone has wanted to live in Smurfs Village at some point in their life. What if we told you that this is possible in Spain? Yes, it is not a joke!

This village’s houses are all blue, which is a cute reference to Smurfs. In June 2011, Sony Pictures chose this village for Smurfs films, and all houses were painted blue. Since that day, it still maintains its blueness.

Here you are caught in its calm, peaceful, and happy blue. Surrounded by fir and pine forests and rich flora, the village is beautiful enough to attract the attention of everyone.

13. Masca, Tenerife

mountain, hill, village, town, tree, forestHere is another scenic beauty with its unique atmosphere. No wonder it is one of the little-known places to visit in Spain because it is tucked between steep valleys and dense vegetation in the northern part of the island, Masca. Moreover, it has only about 100 inhabitants, and the roads are not that comfy.

But, we have to say it is so peaceful! You can completely get away from the city stress and chill. We bet you will rediscover yourself here with a calming view of Tenerife.

14. Praia das Catedrais (Beach of the Cathedrals)

Actually, this coast is quite famous, but those visiting Spain for the first time may miss it. It is famous for its caves, rock arches up to 30 meters high, and geological formations shaped by water, wind, and weather, which resemble the architectural forms of a cathedral.

During high tide, water fills its crevices and caves, emitting babbling and whistling sounds that further add to the magic of the coast. However, it can only be visited during low tide for safety reasons. It is one of the must-see places in your life and is very aesthetic for your Instagram profile for sure.

15. Villajoyosa

color, colorful-house, beach, sky, palmIf you are a postcard lover, you know that this place is in the collections of many of us. It may be the first place many people want to visit after seeing its photo. It is a colorful coastal town, which is a popular destination for excursions in Spain, thanks to the excellent location in Costa Blanca.

There are 3 things making here special; colored houses, marvelous beaches, and delicious chocolate made by Valor. It is also a total sea-sand-sun destination, which is quite suitable for a quiet summer holiday away from tourists.

In addition to these, what places can you recommend? We are waiting for your comments!