European Best Destinations (EBD) has listed 2024’s best European destinations to travel to, and Marbella sits on the throne and takes the crown. Marbella city is also ranked as this year’s best golf destination in Europe.

By that, Marbella city doubled its international recognition simultaneously. With this great achievement, Marbella has become the first Spanish destination that take first place in the ranking.

In 2022, Marbella has been ranked as the 2nd Best European Destination to travel. 2 years apart, 2024 is now chosen as the best time to visit Marbella Spain. This gorgeous Andalusian city ranked best to travel with a record number of 149,192 votes. Spain’s hotspot for the high society collected the highest votes from American and English travelers.

Golf Haven on Costa del Sol: Marbella

Golf Haven on Costa del Sol: MarbellaCosta del Sol has not gained a reputation of “Costa del Golf” for nothing! Marbella has a big share of the golf tourism of Costa del Sol. Golf in Marbella Spain is a trending idea among both locals and foreigners.

Among this year’s best picks, Marbella has taken the lead on golf holidays. This gorgeous city appeals to all golfer profiles, from seasoned professionals to passionate amateurs.

There are dozens of prestigious golf courses in Marbella Spain. Each of them stands out with their unique features. A great part of the golf resorts owns top-tier infrastructure and world-class golf facilities. There are even award-winning resorts.

This plethora of golf complexes is populated with renowned instructors. Each of them is equipped with exceptional amenities. For fully committed golf enthusiasts, there is even a chance to buy a golf property in Spain. Golf villa owners get the privilege of living only a few meters from the golf course itself.

Not only in terms of major golf centers, but for advanced infrastructure and conditions Marbella also leads the way. The climate caters well for outdoor activities such as all-year-round golfing. In addition, the city provides a wealth of amenities and facilities tailored to golf enthusiasts.

The diverse range of accommodations appeals to every preference. Golfers can choose from nearby resort hotels to golf villas positioned right on the site of golf courses. Golf properties of Marbella make the city one of the best places to buy a holiday home in Spain. The city presents a comprehensive golfing experience complemented by its rich history, shopping districts, relaxation spots, and wellness centers.

Prime Hotspot of Rich & Famous is the Best to Travel in 2024

Prime Hotspot of Rich & Famous is the Best to Travel in 2024If you are wondering “Is Marbella worth seeing?”, European Best Destinations says 2024 is the best time to find the answer. Marbella has been chosen as the best destination to travel in 2024. Among the 20 cities listed, Marbella reigns supreme.

Marbella and the gorgeous Puerto Banús have been the ultimate destination of high-class society in Europe over the century. The city is also considered one of the best places to live in Spain. has been an upscale destination for luxury holiday experiences by combining the Dolce Vita lifestyle with Mediterranean living.

The city is more often renowned for its luxurious charm, classy ambiance, and stunning landscapes. Travelers from around the globe visit Marbella to discover the unique blend of Mediterranean beauty, cultural richness, and vibrant ambiance.

Wonderful Climate

The sun is always shining on the sky in Marbella. Spain’s Costa del Sol boasts nearly 300 days of sunshine a year. These pleasing climatic conditions not only add value to Marbella as a seasonal holiday spot. They also help to build a reputation as a year-round destination.

The city is surrounded by breathtaking Sierra Blanca mountains. It shields the city from overwhelming heat waves. In this way, Marbella never experiences harsh winters, or burning hot summers. Marbella’s microclimate weather reaches an average of 29 °C in summer and lowers around 12 °C in the winter.

Hotspot for Beach Holidays

You can find the best beaches in Marbella, including the blue-flagged ones. Marbella’s sandy beaches stretch along for about 27 kilometers. There are more than 20 beaches along the coastline, each accompanied by colorful chiringuitos to cool off during the summertime.

Marbella's beaches appeal to every type of beachgoer, opting for ultimate relaxation and coastal bliss. Plus, there is a kilometers-long palm-adorned promenade by the Marbella’s sandy beaches. Here visitors can find beach clubs, sea view cafes, bars, and restaurants to try out refreshing cocktails and soak up the vibrant ambiance of Marbella's coastal scene.

Endless Amenities

Remarkable Expatriate CommunityMarbella has a lot of excursions to offer for every kind of visitor profile. There is a plethora of things to do and see in Marbella. There are dozens of activity centers suitable for families. Meanwhile, holidaymakers can sunbathe by the beach while sipping on their sangrias. Sports enthusiasts can try out different kinds of activities, from windsurfing to golfing.

Adventurers have the upper hand here. There are endless places where they can go for day trips from Marbella Spain. History and art lovers can explore the rich historical background of the city and discover nearby historical sites.

Ecophiles have lots of options for ecological places in Marbella Spain. They can go on a discovery adventure on Marbella’s most unique nature reserves. The city caters to all kinds of interests with endless possibilities.

A Tasty Retreat

From Michelin-starred restaurants and glamorous venues that serve as the meeting point of the rich and famous, Marbella's culinary scene and nightlife add to its allure. It gives a chance to choose from the diverse array of the world’s most exquisite cuisines. With over 300 days of sunshine yearly, outdoor dining by the beach or under the stars is definitely a sophisticated Marbella experience.

Remarkable Expatriate Community

As a part of being a global meeting point, Marbella is also home to a spectacularly growing expat community. With a welcoming attitude and multicultural demographic, Marbella boasts a familiar sense of home away from home. This makes Marbella a wonderful place to easily adapt to the local culture, and fit in.

Easy to Reach

Easy to ReachIf you are wondering how to travel to Marbella Spain, the best way is via Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport. Marbella has a significant position neighboring the Costa del Sol’s capital city, Málaga.

Málaga is home to Costa del Sol’s main and Spain’s fourth busiest airport. It operates over 115 tourist destinations worldwide. After arriving at Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport, it takes less than an hour to reach Marbella’s center.

Huge Market for Real Estate

Over the decade, the demand for real estate in or near Marbella has become way more remarkable than ever. Whether you’re in for a lavish beachfront retreat, or a contemporary penthouse in the heart of the city, Marbella offers a wealth of options for every taste and preference. Spanish property buyers have the luxury of exploring a wide array of options, from budget-friendly residences to spectacular villas with enriched features.

What Is Your Marbella?

Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or cultural exploration as your 2024 resolution, Marbella is the best spot to turn your wishes into reality. You can try out a diverse array of activities and experiences to satisfy every craving. Come and discover the allure of Marbella, the best destination where you will create memories that last a lifetime.