The Andalusian region, known for its dense foreign population in coastal settlements in Spain, has taken another milestone in enhancing its education system. The new International Swedish School of Spain is ready to accept admissions of students.

The institution caters to international students from early education through secondary levels, the latter including remote learning opportunities. The school is approved by the Junta de Andalusia with a curriculum of Swedish school system, supplemented by Spanish language and culture. It will also accredited by the Swedish National Agency for Complementary Swedish.

The new International Swedish Schools had a soft opening a year ago in Costalita, Estepona. This deep-rooted institution’s history traces back to 1976 and the International Swedish School in Estepona is now the 8th of its kind in Spain, and 18th in the world.

The establishment of this new academy represents a significant advancement in expanding opportunities for the Swedish community residing in Estepona. As Miguel Briones Artacho, Head of Education in Malaga remarked, bilingual international schools such as Swedish International School aim to facilitate a cultural union for foreign communities in Spain.

Rise of International Schools in Spain

Rise of International Schools in SpainIn parallel with the rising population of foreigners, Spain is increasingly becoming a preferred destination for students from around the globe in recent years. With its increasing number of world-class education centers and welcoming environment, Spain’s coastal settlements such as Andalusia have witnessed intense demand from foreigners.

Spain is home to a wide array of international schools offering diverse academic programs in several languages, ranging from humanities and social sciences to STEM fields and business studies.

Even though many programs are taught in English, the number of international schools offering classes in other languages also increases day by day. International schools prioritize the welfare of the students by offering support services such as orientation programs, language assistance, and academic advising.

This ensures a smooth transition and integration into the academic and social fabric of the university community. Also, this inclusivity fosters a supportive environment for learning and personal growth.

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