In 2022, the Spanish Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 asked the European Commission and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) for technical help to support the social services reform process.

The fundamental motivation for the reform is that social services in Spain deal with a number of issues, such as rising demand due to an aging population, changing family structures, growing inequality, and changes to the labor market.

senate congress building in spainSo, the reform has specifically concentrated on modernizing and improving the national framework and the social services information system.

On October 18, the OECD hosted a high-level conference in Madrid to meet representatives from the relevant ministries, social services experts, and high-level regional officials to present the findings and suggestions on the current situation with Spain’s social services.

Decisions expanded and took their final form, involving new residents and ex-pats living in Spain, and this week a new social services law has been approved. The main outcome of the law is that no matter how long a resident has been officially registered in Spain, the law will guarantee access to basic resources for both Spanish and foreign nationals.

After the Council of Ministers approves the draft law, a list of essential services that regional governments must provide for all citizens will be made clear.

What Does the New Reform of International Social Services in Spain Promise?

young nurse helping middle aged men in hospitalFirst of all, the draft law makes it very transparent that all citizens, including foreigners and new residents, will have access to the basic health services and benefits included in the catalog of essential benefits and services, regardless of their administrative status.

Even if they spend a lot of time away from their hometown, people will be able to continue accessing these central and community services.

It is a significant step for the healthcare system in Spain since it implies that everyone has the right to have the benefits and services that the law provides for, under equal conditions, regardless of where they live on Spanish territory.

Spain made it safer for foreign investors who want to invest in real estate and settle in Spain by making such a reform movement.