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Costa Calida is the tourist name for the 250 km of the southeastern Mediterranean coastline of Spain in the Region of Murcia that stretches from the south of Pilar de la Horadada in Costa Blanca in the north to the south of the seaside town of Aguilas in the south.

The name Costa Calida, which literally translates as “warm coast” comes from the warm water temperatures. The main reason for that is the micro-climate affecting the region. Another reason is that the coast is protected from the cold currents of the Atlantic Ocean by the Gulf of Mazarron.

The warm water temperatures, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and the Mar Menor; which is the largest saltwater lagoon in all of Europe. The shallow waters of the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor attract countless holiday-makers of all ages and sports lovers who look for a charming and convenient place for windsurfing, sailing, waterskiing, and diving.

While Murcia, which accommodates many historical structures, is the largest and the most famous city in Costa Calida, the region has many famous coastal cities and towns that attract attention from all around the world. The harbour towns of Cartagena and Mazarron, San Pedro del Pinatar, San Javier, and Los Alcazares are some of them.

People who come to Costa Calida not only enjoy the magnificent beaches and the sea but can experience many different things as well. One of the most popular things to do in Costa Calida is golf. There are many luxurious golf resorts scattered throughout Costa Calida; some of them even have fame around the world.

Additionally, Costa Calida is very rich in terms of gastronomy, shopping, and entertainment. All of these result in huge interest in the region. While some people return to their homes after having a pleasant holiday, some decide to settle in this charming region by buying a property for sale in Costa Calida.

Although Costa Calida is a very charming place with countless beauties and amenities, it’s relatively unknown compared to other Spanish regions. Hence the average living expenses and the of real estate are more reasonable than others. This situation creates great opportunities for investors in all business sectors. However, the most popular investment method would be real estate investment.

The cost-effective and time-saving aspects of real estate investments are what’s making this investment method so popular. In this aspect, Costa Calida apartments for sale are the prime example. Thanks to the massive interest in the region, there is a high demand for rental apartments; which means you can earn a high profit by buying an apartment in Costa Calida and then renting it out.

On the other hand, villas for sale in Costa Calida are the most popular type of property in this region. People who come here to have a comfortable and pleasant beach holiday usually prefer villas. Because villas offer their residents the utmost comfort with their luxurious features.

Also, land for sale in Costa Calida draws attention as a classic example of real estate investments. Since the region offers high-profit potential for investments, not only agricultural product producers and construction companies prefer buying land, but also buy-to-let property seekers prefer as well.

However, people who want to start earning high profits as soon as possible prefer buying a commercial property in Costa Calida. Let’s examine the types and the advantages of buying commercial real estate in Costa Calida.

Why Should You Buy Commercial Property in Costa Calida? What Should You Buy?

As we have tried to explain briefly above, there are many reasons for you to buy commercial property in Costa Calida. Costa Calida and the real estate within offer investors many opportunities to start earning a high profit.

There are many ways to earn a high profit by buying commercial real estate in Costa Calida. However, not all types of commercial properties are suitable for all businesses. Different kinds of businesses would require different kinds of properties for operating. Let’s examine the types of commercial properties.

• Shops: Shops are where we buy most of our daily needs and as a result, they are the most common type of commercial real estate in Costa Calida. Although the size of the shop matters as well, shops are suitable for almost all businesses; markets, groceries, pharmacies, clothing stores, home essentials, cosmetics, accessories, books, stationeries, etc.

Since shops have diverse usage areas, they are the most sought-after commercial property type. This makes buying a shop in Costa Calida a profitable investment for buy-to-let property buyers as well. Investors can earn a high rental income from well-located shops. In that aspect, buying a shop on a bustling street or in a newly developing area where new services are much needed would be a great way to make a profitable investment.

• Customized Properties: Customized commercial properties are properties that are designed especially for specific purposes. The properties in this category may be customized for many different businesses, for example; cafes, restaurants, gyms, spas, private clinics, medical centers, or hotels.

Customized properties are widely preferred by investors because they allow the companies to kickstart their business with the minimum cost possible after only making small maintenance to the property.

• Offices: Offices are another sought-after commercial property type in Costa Calida. Big companies which want to enlarge themselves by taking advantage of the buoyant economy of Costa Calida and expanding their businesses to the region first look for an office as an operational base.

Offices for sale in Costa Calida meet all the needs of such demands. All types of offices for all businesses can be found in Costa Calida; small or large, centrally located, or in industrial zones.

• Business Centers: A business center is where you can find many different businesses and companies in one place. This type of commercial property allows the consumers to fulfill all their needs very quickly. So business centers provide the companies or businesses in it a massive amount of visibility. Business centers may also help the companies to advance their businesses by providing a convenient co-working space.

If you are also looking for a commercial property in Costa Calida for your business or to make a profitable investment through rentals contact us without hesitation!

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