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Costa Calida is a coastline located on the shores of the Region of Murcia. The approximate stretch of Costa Calida is 250 km. Costa Calida means “Warm Coast” in English, and it has its micro-climate which is more than 310 sunny days in a year. The precipitation in Costa Calida is averaging less than 34 cm annually. Costa Calida is surrounded by Costa Blanca in the north and Costa de Almeria in the south.

The transportation opportunities of Murcia make it an easy-to-reach place. For international destinations, the Murcia Airport in Costa Calida is the best place to land in Costa Calida fast. Murcia Airport is 40 km from La Manga del Mar Menor, 48 km from Murcia, and 68 km from Mazarron. For domestic travels, Costa Calida offers also other opportunities. From Murcia, there are fast train lines to Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, and Catalonia. Bus connections on the coastline also provide easy access advantages from city centers to tourist resorts. The wide diversity of transportation facilities gives land in Costa Calida for sale more value as the location is very important for land properties.

Why You Should Buy Land in Costa Calida?

There are various places on the coastline that gives you advantages to buying land in Costa Calida. But, let’s start with the capital of the region, Murcia. The city of Murcia is situated on the banks of the Segura River. The river is surrounded by fertile lands with enormous fruit and vegetable plantations. Thus, Murcia is also called the “vegetable garden” of Europe, as vegetables, spices, and fruits are exported all over Europe and other continents. Murcia and Costa Calidad are home to many attraction points. As the economical activities on the coastline are improved thanks to developed agriculture, the demand for commercial property in Costa Calida is also in increase. Land for sale in Costa Calida can be found in nearly every part of the coastline.

The other main centrally developed point of Costa Calida is Cartagena. It is a historic port city located near Murcia. The port of Cartagena is really vibrant that %60 of the region's export and %80 of its import goes through this port. The city has a history dating more than 2 thousand years. It is home to many historical places such as Calle Mayor, Palacio Consistorial, and Cristo de Los Buzos.

If the central development while owning land is not important for you, we advise touristic regions in Costa Calida. Lo Pagan, Cape Palos, Aguilas, Bolnuevo, and San Pedro del Pinatar are the most preferred tourist destinations on the coastline by foreign visitors. Each part of Costa Calida has its own unique features.

The Main Points to See in Costa Calida

Murcia Cathedral: It is one of the most important places in southern Spain. It is a Catholic Church which is completed on 1465. The cathedral has elements from Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements.

Archiepiscopal Palace of Murcia: It is a colorful palace from the 18th century located at the same square as the cathedral. The palace is built in the Baroque architecture style.

Mar Menor: It is a coastal saltwater lagoon in the southeast of Murcia, near Cartagena. It is the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe. Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea separated La Manga, a sandbar 22 km in length. It is one of the most famous places in whole southern Spain, and among the ideal places to buy apartment in Costa Calida.

The Real Casino of Murcia: It is a magnificent building from the 19th century. The casino is designed with inspiration from Moorish places in Spain such as Alhambra and Alcazar. The casino has a Moorish-style patio and a classic English-style library with more than 20 thousand books.

Mazarron: The town and port of Mazarron are located in the heart of Costa Calida, near Murcia. The town offers a rich artistic heritage and a wide range of interesting leisure options. There are beaches over 35 km in Mazarron. Unspoiled coves, rocky sea beds, and the azure sea of the town make it one of the best places for having a holiday. For more, we advise you to start here to look for houses for sale in Costa Calida.

Los Alcazares: It is a tourism resort located on the edge of Mar Menor and it has 7 km of beach suitable for water sports. Los Alcazares is located 24 km from Cartagena and only 5 km from Murcia Airport. Los Alcazares is famous for its therapeutic qualities and thermal treatment facilities. The shore of the resort is one of the ideal places in Spain for water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking. Los Alcazares is also home to many high-end real estate for sale in Costa Calida.

In conclusion, land in Costa Calida can be used to build your own house on it or as an investment tool for agricultural purposes thanks to the fertile lands of the region. As Spain Homes ® and our daily updated website, we offer a wide selection of real estate and land for sale in Costa Calida. Contacting us, checking out our listing pages, or visiting our offices is enough to get your dream property in this beautiful coastline.

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