Houses for Sale in Costa Cálida

Costa Calida is a coastline on the southeastern shores of Spain, in Murcia province and region. The coastline is famous among tourists and golf lovers in Spain. The longest golf course in Spain, Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort is also located in Costa Calida. Costa Calida is one of the most demanded ones in Spain. The area is known for its azure sea, high-quality resorts, and historical background. Mar Menor, the biggest saltwater lagoon in Europe is located in Costa Calida. The coastline can be easily reachable by airports in Murcia and Alicante. The city of Murcia is a city full of historical attractions. The first place you should visit is the Cathedral of Santa Maria. It took three centuries for the cathedral to be completed. Also, the main celebrations and festivals took place in Murcia. The Mar Menor and the mainland are divided by the spit of seaside land, La Manga. The strip of La Manga is 21 long and 100 meters wide. The big tourist resorts are located in this place. La Manga and other seaside resorts also offer water sports activities to their visitors. The low density of population in Costa Calida also gives more space on beaches to its residents. The climate of Costa Calida is warm in summer and dry in winter. The average temperature in a year is between 6 Celcius and 29 Celcius. According to the beach/pool score, the best time of year in Costa Calida is from late June to early September. The fame of Costa Calida is not only on tourism. It is also becoming a focal point for real estate. Before starting looking for real estate in Costa Calida, we have a few tips for you.

Where to Buy House in Costa Calida?

As mentioned above, Costa Calida consists of different parts and regions suitable for different lifestyles. If you are looking for a combination of these features and asking where to buy a house in Costa Calida, the best choice for you will be the city centers of Murcia and Cartagena. Murcia is one of the main regions of Spain and it is also a province. Cartagena is a port city in Costa Calida and Murcia Region with a history dating back to 2 thousand years. These two cities will offer you a wide variety to buy apartments in Costa Calida Spain.

The options also change as the property type the buyer wants. Actually nearly in all parts of Costa Calida, there are options for every type of real estate. But some regions are more suitable for specific real estate types than other parts of the coastline. For example, to buy land in Costa Calida and build your own house, you should check areas with a lower density of population. As the demand in these areas is lower than in other parts of Costa Calida, the price of these properties will also be lower.

Costa Calida is not only famous for tourism and sports. It is also one of the biggest agricultural producers in Spain and Europe. As lands are suitable for agricultural purposes, there are other choices in Costa Calida, a coastline with vibrant economical activities. The economy of Costa Calida is mainly in two cities, Murcia and Cartagena. The reason for the economical activities in Murcia is obvious, as it is the capital of the region. But we should explain more about Cartagena. We mentioned it that is a historical port city. %60 of the region’s export and %80 of its imports goes through this port. Cartagena is a very special place on the coastline. And it is one of the best places to own a commercial property in Costa Calida.

In conclusion, Costa Calida is a place where unique opportunities, amazing natural beauties, long history, and extensive beaches meet. To buy a home in Costa Calida, checking out our listing pages consisting of a wide variety of real estate in Spain from villas for sale in Costa Calida to agricultural lands, or contacting us is enough. We will help you with our team of professionals through your process of getting a property on the beautiful Spanish coastline.

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