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The Valencian Community is located on the eastern side of the Iberian Peninsula, along the Mediterranean Sea. The autonomous community is bordered by Catalonia from the north, Aragon and Castilla La Mancha from the west, Murcia from the south, and the Balearic Islands from the east.

The Valencian Community is the 4th biggest autonomous community in Spain in terms of population. The number of residents in the Valencian Community exceeds 5 million and this number escalates even more during holiday seasons.

The community consists of the provinces of Castellón, Valencia, and Alicante, which are some of the most popular cities in Spain for vacations and for making an investment as well. There are several reasons for these provinces’ popularity.

First of all, the Valencian Community has a deep-rooted history. Though the community flourished in the 15th century, the region has witnessed the rules of many great civilizations. These include Iberians, Romans, Visigoths, and Arabs. The impacts of these different civilizations on the region are still visible in the architecture, culture, and cuisine of the region.

Secondly, the region has a magnificent landscape consisting of rocky shores, fertile plains, sandy beaches, rivers, salt lakes, mountains, and wetlands. In addition, the region benefits from the mild Mediterranean climate. This situation creates a suitable environment for a wide variety of economical activities. As a result, real estate in Valencian Community becomes a great option for investment.

The first economical activity that has been made possible by the region’s landscape and climate is agricultural production. The Valencian Community has suitable environmental conditions for the cultivation of many products, especially in the province of Alicante.

However, citrus fruits are the most outstanding products among the other products cultivated in the region. The export of citrus fruits in the 19th century helped the region to boost its income tremendously. Even if it’s not the major source of income as it was before, today, agricultural production still holds an important place in the economy of the region. Therefore buying land in Valencian Community for agricultural production is still a good investment option.

Another one of the sectors that have been made possible by the geography and the climate of the region is the hospitality sector. Today, the hospitality sector and tourism are among the region’s major sources of income. Every year, millions of people come to the Valencian Community from all around the world to see its historical and natural beauties, relax on its sandy beaches, and experience its colorful lifestyle.

Seasonal increases in the population like this affect the activeness of almost all sectors and further boost the economy of the region. This makes commercial properties in Valencian Community a good choice for investment for both businesses and individual investors who want to earn rental income.

While commercial properties are a great choice for businesses, residential properties are usually preferred by individual investors.

Buy a House in the Valencian Community for Both a Pleasant Life and a Good Investment

Buying a house in the Valencian Community is a great choice for both people who want to lead a comfortable and pleasant life and people who want to make a profitable investment. As we’ve briefly mentioned above, the Valencian Community is a great place for living with its sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, and colorful lifestyle.

When added to its developed infrastructure, a wide range of amenities, and rich transportation options, the Valencian Community offers a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle. Therefore it’s widely preferred by retirees and holidaymakers. While retirees can lead a comfortable life by buying a house in the Valencian community, investors can earn a good return on investment in the same way.

The detached houses and villas in the Valencian Community can be rented out easily for short terms thanks to the region’s popularity. So, they are perfect to earn a good passive income. However, if the prices of the Valencian Community for sale exceed your budget, you can consider the cheaper apartments for sale in Valencian Community for investment as well.

If you have any plans on settling or investing in the Valencian Community, you can contact our local experts for available property options and prices.

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